Friday, March 28, 2008

Let's Play Some Eve Online


W.Churchill said...

lol nice.

some people just dont get it man. Best MMO ever, either they understand it or they quit after a week or two. Yeah you can do that boring stuff if your a carebear. But man the PvP is the best.


there are no elves in Eve

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Well I'm playing it again and I think I already talked Ex-B into doing it again too.

Its got the kewlest looking spaceships ever, no doubtaboutit.

But as soon as the game tells me I gotta wait a week to finish training something I'll prolly go back to being an elf disco dancing through the cindy brady lisping purple dinosaur forest of the cat people ahaha.

W.Churchill said...

Contact Teister in game. Thats Jack from the ol' SWG days. Maybe we can get you to join out little corp and go blast people and make them cry.

MadJack said...

yeah, bring your ass to our alliance...We need more sarcastic people trying to be funny...

no, we really do...that wasn't sarcasm...

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

What kind of guys should we make?

Not caldari missile whores I done that already ahaha.

What would you do to start with, Amarr or the Minmatar guys?

I like the way the armarr ships look and I tried out a punisher for a little while but I never went farther than that with them.

Replacing turrets with nosferatus to vampire off the things you are killing is painful heh.

The Minmatar guys got fast butt ugly little ships that don't stop shooting (or recharging their shields with an oversized passive tank) when they're out of cap, so they can't be cap drained to death like other ships.

I'm gonna make another free account and try an Amarr Khanid Space Ghengis Khan guy with a black plastic helmet and wonked out stats so I can leave my Sibiester guy training heh.

W.Churchill said...

what ever feels best for you man, It doesnt really matter too much what race you choose other than having to train the skills to fly other races ships and stuff.

But yeah we got a personal vent server and stuff, and 99.9% of the folks we have in our corp are funny as hell, so yeah man good times