Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bring Out Yer Dead

Dude there's some kinda free "try it again" thing for SWG for vets where you can just sign in with your old account.

I can't figure out how much free time there is from the account management thing, it doesn't really say, its like, all mysterious and roleplayery and immersive heh.

"You are in your Twelfth Circle of Playtime."

And I ain't really into doing all the archaeology needed to figure it out, they got some 14 day trial thing now for new folks so its prolly something like that and that's prolly more than I need unless some kinda Star Wars Christmas Miracle happens ahaha.

"And his heart grew three sizes that day!"

I thought I had deleted SWG off my machine but apparently I didn't (goddam am I ever lazy) so it was pretty easy to just go in there and run around for a few seconds and check things out.

I'm gonna make a new guy and fly around some and shoot stuff, I don't wanna have to figure out how to play my old guys with all their warehouses fulla cack and all the crap I'd have to remember how to do or learn the new way to do and then buy all the new garbage I'd need, that's too much of a pain in the ass.

Everybody can have pets now, I think, you just need to like, extract an ewok egg from a live ewok or something and then put it in an egg machine until it hatches and then you can have an evil little ewok that'll follow your commando around with a can of gasoline and a zippo, that's awesome.

And I was only in there for a few seconds but the lag and the graphics and everything were like, way better than I remember.

'Course nothing could really be as bad as the way I remember it heh.

And I got the flu or malaria or something so I'm probably hallucinating and none of this is actually happening.

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