Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Y'know how when you think about the Battlestar Galactica ship, you always automaticaly think about Commander Odama?

Like, they're inseparable, they go hand in hand or something.

Its the same deal in the new show and the old show, y'know, take yer pick, doesn't matter.

It helps in Battlestar Galactica that you hardly ever see the Commander off the ship, I guess, 'cause I don't really get that from Star Trek, where the Captain and the ship are pretty separate (and they blow up Enterprises a lot).

But the Millenium Falcon and Han Solo is pretty much the same thing as the Battlestar Galactica deal.

Anyways, on one hand, you got a deal like that, where a ship sorta takes on personality somehow from the dude in charge of it.

And on the other hand, you have dime-a-dozen fighter pilots, and dudes in games where you are always upgrading your ship to different ships, or something where the commander of a ship is always getting switched out with somebody else, so you never end up with that weird symbiosis thingie.

And its weird, 'cause when you think of the ships that have their own personality, they're always associated with a guy with a strong personality, even though the two personalities are actually different and separate, y'know, like the Millenium Falcon establishes its own identity against Han Solo's personality, by breaking down or saving his ass at different times or something, I dunno, they're sorta like a boy and his dog (hell, the Millenium Falcon even makes robotic dog noises heh), or a married couple, or something.

I'm not saying its super important or it should be one way or the other or anything, its just something that's been rolling around in my brain like a wet shoe in a washing machine lately heh.

Y'know, like, sometimes mebbe its better not to upgrade to different ships all the time, but just upgrade the parts inside it, or something, so the thing has a chance to get a personality.

I guess that would work with fighter pilots and starfighters or whatever, too, you just don't see that as much, I mean, its pretty hard to think of an example of one of those, and the ones like that that do have personalities always look a little different from all the other ones.

Bah whatever, I guess I'm just being a typical superstitious pilot guy heh.


W.Churchill said...

Oh man, you ever catch the Farscape series on the SciFi channel? Where the ship was a living creature and the pilot was integrated into the ship where he could never leave?

I dunno if that has anything to do with this topic but it made me thing of it, kind of a neat idea, but man, thats a total commitment right there. Your basically gonna be glued inside this ship, forever. And if it dies so do you! That was a great series

But yeah thats a great point, how ships develop the personalities of the characters who are in charge of them. Not too many series ever develop idea that much. The Falcon, oh yeah man that was a perfect match right there.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah Farscape reminds me of that Tin Man thing from Star Trek (what a lucky bastard that guy that got THAT ship was haha) and the Lexx, where the ships really ARE living organic-ish things that you could raise like a pet dog.

And then there's Holly the ship's computer from the Red Dwarf that was sorta like the personality from the ship.

And then there's the way I talk to my completely inanimate car and try to coax it into some sort of magical assistance when I'm worried it won't start in the freezing cold, y'know, like, "c'mon baby... you can do it!" and all that heh.

Pilots and computer scientists and engineers are actually WAY more superstitious than anybody realizes, we like, demand cooperation from the spirits of our equipment and shit.

I don't even realize I'm doing it usually.

That's just exactly how far gone I am though, I mean, I must really believe in that crazy shit if its some kind of automatic Bruce Lee Kung Fu impulse for me heh.