Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cookies Turns to Crackers

"After ten years of internal testing and civilized scholarly debate and the careful review and normalization of thousands of metrics and tables and inexplicable college-level meta-thingies that would only serve to confuse and frighten the already oppressed working class, our crack team of scientists has finally succeeded in refining the Fruit Loop Process down its rawest and most enjoyable form ever. Gentlemen, behold! We bring you the Next Generation in Fruit Loop Technology!"

"Dude, this is a Cheerio."

"What happened to the tangy green ones?"

"Not everybody liked the tangy green ones, man."

"Ugh man these Cheerios are like eating ass."

"Hey forget that moldy ass scientific shit, kids, these new Knight Rider Turbo Boost Krispy Wheels are spine-kracklingly fantastic!"

"Yay! Science could never produce anything as Hasselhofferiffic as this!"

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