Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super Ego

I think I'm gonna make my own science fiction space game.

Oh hellyah its gonna be awesome.

It's gonna rip your sad little science fiction game's face off and slap it around and wear it for a codpiece!

And not necessarily in that order, either!

Its gonna be totally fierce and fresh and sexy and murderous and full of innovation and radical new gameplay vectors and explosions, unfathomable depths that are brainmeltingly rich with features, totally next generation.

And it'll also be like a bottle of scotch that's five hundred years old, with the strength of ages behind it, grounded in the totemic spirits of the earth, something that'll make the ghosts of our ancestors rise up from their crypts and roar with unholy applause.

A perfect mix of old and new, confidence and controversy, ancient power formulas and bleeding edge plastic sexrays.

But at the same time it'll totally be for the children.

'Cause my little brother's kids are bugging me to make 'em something.

But I won't let them ruin it, like all the guys that suddenly decide to "turn goodie two-shoes" and make crap for their kids usually do heh.

Hell no, my little brother's kids like blowing shit up and doing motorcyle jumps man.

And my little brother's wife's friends all like some kinda virtual jack the ripper anal porn rape fantasy type thingie, well, at least as far as I've been willing to understand it before the awkwardness of the situation overwhelmed my delicate masculine nervous system heh.

Yah, I'm not gonna study the stuff that everybody has in common, shit that they all like a little or make some bland piece of apologetic shit that tries not to offend anyone!

I'm gonna take all the extreme and diverse and totally crazy ass interest vectors and twist 'em together somehow into a pulsating fiber bundle of a thousand forbidden desires and monsterously exotic awesomeness and then whip you with it until all the unused ballerina dancer muscles in your body and all the previously unexplored pathways of your brain explode with sinfully delicious pleasure!

Or mebbe I'll just take a nap.

Yah, I'm leaning towards the nap, all this awesomeness is exhausting heh.

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