Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lords of the Ringadingdong

Alright so here's where I'm at in LOTRO.

My loremaster is 46 and I've done his 45th level class quests up to the parts where I realized that I need to kill some 50+ level elite nemesis raid-mobs in the bottom of some valar-forsaken instances at the end of the game just so that I can get the rewards that will be made obsolete by the stuff that my master weaponsmith can make for me for when I hit 47.

And I need to do all that before I can get my eagle pet.

So the odds of all that happening before I hit 50 are like, skinny-to-none, since its so goddam easy and fun to level in Angmar now with all the quests and cool places to fight and stuff.

So I'm a little burned out.

All my other characters are in their 30s and 40s too, so I don't got a lot of diversity there, I mean, I'm always doing the same stuff I did yesterday over and over again whenever I play an alt.

That's sorta my fault for the way I play I guess, but this shit is supposed to be entertainment and I'm the audience in this thing fer the love of mike so finding "faults" with me is a little hard to take seriously y'know.

But when all your guys are 30+, you know you'll never need silver ore or medium hides for anything ever again, and you'll either be in Angmar, Trollshaws, or Misty heh.

So whatever, I guess I'm at the spot where I gotta either look for and join a guild that can help me out, and start thinking about pvp, or do something else.

"Something else" is always so bright and shiny and full of possibilities and potential though y'know ahaha.

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