Saturday, March 8, 2008

Star Trek: ADD

Man-oh-man I can't believe that I didn't hear about this until now.

Me and Ex-B always talk about how awesome the whole Star Trek and Trekkie thing is, y'know, on a level like "dude, the ultimate thing a guy who made up stuff could do would be to make up something that did that kinda awesome thing for so many people."

To even do something that did a little good like that would be awesome.

To think the complete opposite about the whole thing or even just to have no appreciation for it at all and think you could trade it in for something better is really hard to get my brain around heh.

Like, yer talking villainy or idiocy on a scale that I can barely imagine.

And I happen to be pretty damn good with villainy and idiocy heh.

I mean, even if, for some totally insane reason, you were gonna try to do something like that, you should keep that part of your plan on the down-low ahaha.

Does Star Trek really need a larger audience?

Is that really what you think the problem with Star Trek is lately?

I mean, OMFG, everybody I know except for the little kids who can't sit still for thirty seconds likes Star Trek, even if they ain't Trekkie-Class Fans or anything heh.

Well, up to Next Generation at least, not all the newer "edgy" junk, although Seven of Nine was smoking hot in that otherwise tiresome Voyager show, and that Vulcan chick from that horrible-ass Enterprise show was blisteringly hot.

And not everybody likes the old Star Trek where Kirk was somehow allowed to keep captaining a ship full of souls that he would occasionally risk gambling away on a wrestling match with an alligator man (but there's a lot of us that liked those ones because Kirk was somehow allowed to do exactly that over and over again ahaha).

But whatever, you know what I'm saying!

Okay, okay, mebbe I don't even know what I'm saying exactly heh.

But that vulcan chick was definitely hot, man, that's for sure, I woulda never been able to sit through the couple of hideous-ass Enterprise episodes that I did manage to sit through if it wasn't for that ahaha.


W.Churchill said...

that movie looks like it could be good. But looking at the cast I hope they dont turn this into some teen flick movie

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I dunno whether it'll be good or not (I doubt it, y'know, the Star Trek franchise doesn't seem to have much of an appreciation for themes that made it popular lately, imho) but its fun to read all the stuff the Trekkies are saying about it heh.

W.Churchill said...

oh yeah Trekies, lol thats the toughest crowd of all to please when it comes continuity, plot, storyline, attention to detail, etc. They are far worse than Star Wars fans.

I mean these guys will get into a fist fights over something like the power of Romulan disruptors or the effective range of Federation teleporters, I've seen it happen man!

I like the idea of going way back to the beginning, bringing all the original characters together when they were fresh faced and still a little wet behind the ears. I really hope this will be good, maybe start up a few more films for release over the next few years, but its unlikely.

Yeah I agree that the whole franchise has taken a nose dive, but I'd like to see this become a successful film.

I cant deny that my inner nerd has some trekiness flowing through my veins but at least I cant speak Klingon, I've never been to a Star Trek convention, and I don't dress up in those polyester uniforms that will be all the rage in a far future where women are forced to wear mini-skirts and take sexual advances from superior officers lol, ok maybe those last two points wouldn't be so bad

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah I'm always tempted to deny my Trekkie-ness with stuff like "I'm not a Trekkie! I was nominated for prom king at a school fulla gangbangers and burglars!" and junk like that, but I know that's just a vestigial impulse leftover from the days when I ran around licking my nipples like Kid Rock and begging everybody to pay attention to how cool I was, I haven't really been into that kinda shit since I turned eleven years old and had to start shaving heh.

But I'm just BARELY past the evolutionary line between ape and human y'know so I got a pretty decent excuse for that ahaha.

But then you see stuff like this...

...and you'd know there was at least a LITTLE more to it than chicks with bowl haircuts and pointy ears and shit even if you HAD been living in a box in the basement of a pyramid for the last forty thousand years heh.