Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vampires Versus Werewolves

If its Vampires versus Werewolves, I vote Werewolves.

But if its a movie that's about Vampires versus Werewolves, then they always make Werewolves suck, just like the Japanese guys did to King Kong with King Kong versus Godzilla, so all Vampire Versus Werewolf Movies are actually Vampire Movies, and therefore they suck and can't be considered a real representation of Werewolf Power.

That's just how those Vampire twits are, stacking the cards against the Werewolves, its a sign of weakness, y'know, its just like Computer Games and Cat Lovers, goddam, as a Dog Person I'm so sick of all the Cat Lover Shit in all these games heh.

I don't even really hate Cats, I like 'em, even though I'm allergic to 'em, but the Cat Lovers are getting me a little riled up against 'em and forcing me into a Defend the Dogs position heh.

Its the same thing happening with Godzilla Versus King Kong, and Vampires Versus Werewolves, it makes me root for the one they're giving the shitty end of the stick to.

Now a good werewolf movie is something like them Ginger Snaps ones, man, those movies are badass.

Not as good as Ravenous, but pretty damn close.

Yag, great, now the goddam Wendigos are yoinking the votes away from the Werewolves as a Third Party Candidate in the race against the Vampires heh.

Well, whatever yer poison, Cat, Dog, King Kong, Godzilla, Werewolf or Vampire, at least everybody can agree that the Sasquatches definitely suck it in a battle of Loch Ness Monster Versus the Sasquatches ahaha.

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