Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exhaustia Online

Okay so wtf is going on with Dundee's Spacegame?

My impression was that it was the guys who did Jump To Lightspeed who were like, Wing Commander guys before that, and it was supposed to run on that company that gave us SuperJump and that ill-fated but fun-for-a-month Interstate 76 game, whatever-it-was called, Car Wars or whatever, goddam, I played so many of those "apocalypse car" thingies in the PnP days with my little brother I can't keep that shit straight anymore heh.

There was one where you armored these little airplanes up in a post-apocalyptic world, that was the shit.

Well, actually, the game itself was dumb but designing your own post-apocalyptic airplane and imaginging the fun you could have with it was the shit heh.

Anyways all that stuff made me expect that at least the performance and handling of the game was gonna be pretty awesome, y'know, all smooth and responnnnnnnssssive, not at all like the ground game in SWG ahaha.

So then that SuperJump company farted out a dud with that Mullet King Space Alien Shooter game, whatever-the-heck that thing was called (wasn't it called something "white noise" or "blank check" in Latin?), and then Dundee's Space Game got shitcanned, right?

Even though Dundee's boss's website seemed to be all about lists of stuff he and his guild looted in WoW so you'd figger the guy would know a little bit about a good game I mean shit at least the guy is studying the right goddam thing there ahaha.

Oh man this is so sucky to do to real life people who have their jobs hanging out there on the internet but I can't help it and only the weirdest and most brilliant evil super geniuses in the world read my shit so its not like its a big deal, I mean, they might actually try to help you guys out if I can manage to figger out what the fuck is going on and report it somehow without having to do any spy stuff and research and all that shit AHAHA.

I'm too old for all that.

That's why I'm just asking flat out ahaha.


I'm getting a little tired of the sword-n-sorcery thing and the massively multiplayer games that ain't designed around colonization and cooperative play, y'know, like shit man, if yer gonna do another wizard game, let's have a wizard tower that all us wizards can join and get to know each other and work together looking for artifacts and relics and watch each other graduate and pass rites of wizardhood or some shit like that already insteada this single-player game with a out-of-game guild support grafted on to it.

And where the hell is the zombie apocalypse survival game already?

Or the Arcanum-slash-Lovecraft type thingie with bowler hats and flintlock pistols and Blimp Fights?

No space game, no Knight game where you can ride around on a horse with yer buddies and stab peasants with a lance, doesn't seem like anybody is even trying to do anything good, y'know?

Goddang I'm bored ahaha.

And what the heck is up with Sunsword, too?

And why is it so hard to figure out wtf is going on?

Why do I feel like I gotta put on a reporter hat and go undercover and sign up for something and dig through weird third-party websites or some shit?

Shouldn't that junk be like, out front and provided in a manner that small children and drunks and Big Lebowski Dudes like me can easily get our sweaty mits on and understand?

I mean wtf where's the BEEF?

Seems like you guys are only doing things for webmasters and wanna-be game developer guys now or something heh.

I don't wanna have to read Raph Kosters stuff and newsgroups or anything man I want some big posters (in COLOR) that spell it all out and stuff, y'know, something easy on the eyes, like some mostly naked scifi gogo-dancer chicks with beehive hairdos and circa late 50s-early-60s laser guns or something ahaha.

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