Saturday, March 15, 2008


Some folks dress up and act like nerds to make fun of nerds.

As if that was proof that they weren't nerds.

Y'know, its like they think that if they can pretend to be a nerd, and show that they're willing to throw nerds under the bus, then people will think that they must not be nerds in Real Life.

Yah, mebbe you ain't a nerd, but there's worse shit than being a nerd, and that's one of 'em.

Its like, you ain't good looking or charismatic, but you also ain't smart or anything to make up for it, either.

I mean, I dunno what that is, but I don't think its better than shooting for one or the other or both heh.

Plus now you've just added "picking on less fortunate folks" and "bad acting" and "lame sense of humor" to your list of problems ahaha.

And then there's people that pretend to be nerds to try to get the nerd vote.

Like, they're actually trying to kiss some nerd ass, writing songs about being nerds and doing nerd monologues and stuff so that nerds will buy their salad dressing and stuff.

And although some of them guys are pretty good, and they can keep it up for a little bit, they either play it too safe and stay a little too vague with the nerd subjects or they always slip up somewhere and mention their "apple" computer or screw up some bit of trivia about tachyons or overdo it on the horned-rim-glasses-and-acne stereotypes or something and give up the gag.

And man, I dunno what's worse, some sack of shit with nothing going for him pretending to be a nerd to make fun of nerds, or a pitiful dork who can't even successfully pull off being a nerd.

Or how about one of those shmucks that sorta flip flops between the two things insulting everybody on accident 'cause he's in way over his head and he thinks being able make a song out of it gives him some kind of rockstar immunity.

He ends up with the worst of both worlds (since there isn't any "best" of both worlds in this case heh).

What I do know is that they're all way the hell worse than just being some regular old nerd minding his own goddam business and not hurting anybody, y'know?

And I guess you can kinda feel sorry for the dorks that really wanna be nerds and fail, so I guess that's a little better than the other two, its like, endearing or something.

Well, whatever, y'know, the whole "trying to be a nerd" stuff doesn't really bug me, 'cause I ain't a nerd.

What bugs me is that what these dudes are actually trying to be is assholes heh.

And that's where they fall under my jurisdiction ahaha.

Yah, they got songs with assholes pretending to be assholes to make fun of assholes, too.

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