Thursday, March 13, 2008

Playing Favorites

When something goes down like this, at least you know the break-up-make-up sexual favors afterwards are gonna be great, so it all sorta works out in the end.

The important thing to remember here is that you can't let these guys make you think that you can't Play Favorites and get away with it.

I mean, Playing Favorites is pretty much what friendship is all about, don't listen to these guys that tell you that you shouldn't try to make and be friends with the people who play your game.

And you might think that the WoW guys don't play favorites, but they might just be really good at making friends with the kinda folks who won't give 'em up for love or money at the first opportunity.

Or maybe they only make friends with Amish people who aren't allowed to use technology and communicate with the outside world or something.

See, that's why you should seriously consider giving me all the kewlie items and sexual favors and stuff.

No, not the Amish thing, I meant the Love or Money one, but I'll be Inga the Nasty Warden or anything you want for kewlie items and sexual favors, baby.

And its okay if you don't give me nothing, 'cause I'm a big enough man to know that you are just playing hard-to-get to keep things exciting over all these years heh.

Anyways, the simple Rule of Thumb as far as Playing Favorites goes is that you need to seem like you are treating everybody as your favorite.

Even the totally sucky people, like Steve.

Because giving just one person special treatment would be messing with everybody else's inalienable rights to special treatment.

And you can't think that you can somehow just "cop out" and not play favorites, because that's the same as saying that you hate everybody, or that you have no taste or opinions at all, and that all you wanna do is trade your artwork for money, and let your art be judged on its own merits, which is just gonna make everybody hate you because you are making them do a lot more work instead of just telling 'em what to think about it heh.

That's not to say that you shouldn't maintain a little mystery about yourself, as long as it works to your advantage.

I might be a totally smoking hot chick, for example.

Dude seriously, you never know.

And don't let anybody like Dundee scare you with all his "serious business" crap and his "vague Lovecraftian hints of danger that makes your imagination do all the work" about how you may be messing up how much money your game is gonna make or something if you start Playing Favorites.

Trust me, he doesn't know a goddam thing about Playing Favorites.

It'd be like taking bicycle safety advice from Superman or something, y'know, wtf does Superman know about bicycles and safety?!

Yah, well, he better not start no shit with me or I'll start telling people his Real Name AHAHA.

And there's more important things in life than money and subscription numbers in some stupid ass game anyways.

I mean, what are you gonna do with all that money and stuff in the end anyways?

Pay for some sexual favors, right?

See, that's definitely not better than having fun partying and making friends with people and getting the chicks for free, baby.

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