Monday, March 10, 2008

On the Dock of the Bay

Yah, a gorilla with the head of a robot isn't as tough as a robot with the head of a gorilla, but we look cooler and we don't have any problems getting up and down the stairs in the cargo hold and shit.

Plus I don't really need to be that tough since I'm partnered up with a heavy-lifting robot with a human brain.

Hey, don't ya start crying on me now, man, you can lift heavier shit and yer more human than a human body with the brain of a robot, right?


Sure, mebbe you ain't so smart and yer a little emotional and crap but shit man everybody's got their little things y'know.

I got the body of a goddam gorilla so I don't wanna hear none of yer shit man!

And check out that monkey-headed robot over there, its all messed up and twisted around backwards, man, 'least we ain't like that pitiful-ass thing.

Yah, I think that robot brain that's got yer body is having fun messing that poor critter up on purpose or something, getting under its skin and screwing with its poor little monkey brains and stuff, its face is looking worse and worse every day.

Dude, that human body of yers gets all the chicks, man, you ain't the only one that wishes he was that guy heh.

Oh quitcher crying already, sheesh, that shuddering hydrolics noise is giving me the creeps.

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