Thursday, March 20, 2008

Autopilot Is Your Friend

Here's a FAQ for newb space pilots in SWG.

The first thing I do when I make a new guy and get in a spaceship is erase all the "ground" powers from my hotkey bar (don't worry, the space hotkey bar and the ground hotkey bar are separate), go into "commands" in the menu thingie (that pops up when you hit escape a bunch of times heh), grab the "follow" button out of there (I think its under the "other" tab), and I put that sucker right on F1.

"Follow" is the first and single most important hotkey of all the uber space hotkey powers you'll eventually be getting.

Actually the only other things I ever put on those F Keys is droid commands (which you really do need to learn all about) and the couple of "space powers" you get when you get higher up in the Piloting tree.

And I use Follow way more per flight than any of that other stuff.

But for some reason they don't tell you about Follow in the tutorials.

No, you can't use it to autofollow bad guys around, but you can use it to autopilot after anything that doesn't hate you, like the ships you need to escort or dock with or your buddies or whatever.

And you can also use it to take yer lazy ass to a space station just by hitting the C Key (to target nearest station) and F1.

Mission over?

Don't wiggle your mouse all over the goddam place looking around for the space station you came from.

The C Key and F1 will snap your neck around to where you need to be pointing and start taking you there.

Beep-boop, easy peasy.

Done beating off the enemies that were attacking the ship you need to escort?

Semicolon and F1 will usually put you right back on that freighter's butt.

I say usually 'cause Semicolon is target nearest friendly NPC thingie or something, and if there's other good guys NPCs around that can get hosed.

Well, y'know you can also use the X key to target things under your nose, if you are too lazy to learn all these goddam keys to target things heh.


Bonedead said...

I havent used one of those keys, ever, if that says anything. But I am more of a twitch/fps player, so that may explain that, huh.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Naw Winst and Ex-B and Buddy are all fps guys and I'm an old quakewhore so that doesn't really explain it heh.

I think "doing things the hard way" is more like being a roleplayer actually ahaha.

Aw I'm just messing with you('cause I think yer the last of the guys that can actually get riled up by that kinda stuff AHAHA) but I've mastered all the different pilot schools at least once (some of 'em multiple times) and there's a lot of missions that are like, eight hours of following some stupid ass ship around.

And I'm goddam old, y'know, so I need to do stuff like smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and get up to take a piss and polish my wooden leg between attack waves and shit heh.

And some of the people I know were just totally Lost in Space right off the bat and I was thinking more about them than anybody else when I wrote this, Winst and Ex-B and all the guys I played with already know all about autopilot and all that, you guys don't need any tips from me.