Monday, March 17, 2008

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Four leaf clovers don't like the color green.

Four leaf clovers hate the color green.

They're actually eating every color up except for green.

They reject green.

Four leaf clovers and all the other green and leafy things on this planet are actually spitting up the green 'cause they ain't got any use for it.

Green is like the holiday fruit-cake of the electromagnetic spectrum to them.

And you know you are getting stuck holding the crappy end of the stick everytime you see the color green.

'Cause if you are seeing it, you're eyes are eatin' it, buddy.

You're the poor sap who got stuck with all the green crap that nobody wanted when the music stopped playing heh.

And they say that the Earth is the Blue Planet.

When the Earth actually hates the color blue.

The Earth rejects the color blue.

And the sky hates the color blue, too.

And the sunset hates all that orange and red.

And the sun burns bright white with hate.

The sun hates everything.

Because white is the color of ultimate hate.

Hate for everything.

The complete rejection of everything.

And all of that hate goes into your eye.

And into your brain.

Just like it goes out into space.

Forever and ever.

Because space is the color of love.

Space is black.

And black is the color of unconditional love.

The complete acceptance of everything.

Its not a dismal and endless and infinite night full of despair out there in space with a few bright pinpricks of hope that you are seeing.

Its an endless sea of love with a few hateful points of discontent stabbing through it to get at you and force you to listen to its complaints heh.

But even so, nothing really beats a sunny day with impossibly high blue skies and the green smells and the golden fields that go on and on forever and ever.

Whatever colors that stuff is really made out of, red and purple mostly, I guess.

That's probably why leaves turn brown and red and stuff when they die, y'know, they're finally forced to show their true colors heh.

Anyways since all that beautiful sky and leafy green in-club stuff is so greedy and keeps all the good red and purple (or whatever) crap for itself and never lets us poor peons have anything except for the crappy scraps of light it don't want, forcing us to chew on all their electromagnetic backwash and bits of gristle with our eyes, its okay to keep saying that four leaf clovers are green and the sky is blue.

When that's actually the color that they hate the most.

Just to piss 'em off.

Y'know, 'cause when life gives ya lemons, you take those lemons and you throw 'em right back at life, and you try to hit that sucker right where it hurts, right in the nuts, so it'll wise up and quit giving you more ammo heh.

"These damn carnivorous apes are the worst."

"Don't give them any more lemons!"

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