Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Y'know how there musta been some poor dumb caveman bastard that all the other cavemen tricked into eating and smoking all sorts of stuff to see if it was poisonous or not?

And then the really amazing thing is that, even after they figured out that something was poisonous at the cost of one cavemen, they didn't just give up on the thing that killed him and stop things right there, y'know, they kept going, 'cause they like, tried boiling it and then eating it, to see if the results would be different, and junk like that.

Seriously, think about something as simple as tomatoes, which are poisonous until they get ripe and red.

Or on the extreme end, think about those goddam pufferfish things that the japanese or somebody eats, where you might just get paralyzed for nine hours or some shit, I mean, somebody musta had a lot of poisonous pufferfish laying around to keep trying to figure out how to eat those freakin' things without dying ahaha.

Anyways, so there's all this hard-won knowledge that we just take for granted, stuff like "don't eat green tomaters" and shit.

And although we do tend to name the junk that's okay to eat after the guy who figured out how to cook it, we tend to never name the poisonous shit after the guy who died testing it for some reason, guess we're ashamed of it or something heh.

Anyways its really just a bunch of stuff that somebody just told us was true, stuff that we really don't know is true.

And even if it is true, which we can't be sure of, we still don't know how far somebody went, trying out different cooking processes and stuff like boiling the goddam things and whatever to make it untrue.

Stuff like "mushrooms are mostly poisonous."

How do we know that mushrooms really are mostly poisonous?

The truth is, we don't know.

And what if the guy who was testing the mushrooms found a really good kind of mushroom and he didn't wanna share it with us so he just told us it was poisonous so he could have 'em all to himself?

Ah, see, yah, don't think that ever happened, huh?

Never crossed your mind?

C'mon, you know that had to happen at least one time, and that means there's gotta be at least one incredibly edibly awesome thing out there that everybody just thinks is poisonous.

What if all the stuff we think is poisonous is actually so goddam extra-tasty and whatever that folks with the "inside knowledge" are hogging it all?

That's why I think we need to retest everything, y'know?

Starting with all the mushrooms in the forest.

So somebody has to get on that heh.

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