Friday, February 29, 2008


So all the galaxies in space are actually accelerating as they move away from each other.

That is pretty damn weird.

Well, if we ain't totally messed something up.

'Cause there's at least two good reasons I can think of for that happening besides the idea that the building blocks of empty space between the galaxies are multiplying, y'know like that Dark Energy slash Cosmic Constant thingie they're talking about.

Actually now I'm up to four or five other ways of explaining it, thinking of things that behave like that on Earth, or things that seem to behave like that on Earth.

But they're all really, really weird, and they involved curved space and lensing and the nature of the gun or whatever that created the Big Bang (that may still be firing) and crap, and I got the stomach flu, so to hell with that shit.

Y'know, at first all the burping and farting with the stomach flu was kinda funny, and it made me laugh, but after a few days of it now, I've had to start taking each fart and burp more serious or something heh.

Like, now that its all medical and surgicial and scientific and shit the fun is gone baby ahaha.

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