Monday, February 25, 2008

Corpse Looter

I had this dream that I was a young and dirty cowboy kid that was wandering around Cowboy Land and I got in one of those things where you gotta have a shoot-out with a guy at high noon in the middle of the street.

And I killed the guy in front of everybody, no prob, y'know, but then I ran over to his body and went through all his pockets and shit and checked out his gun and compared it to mine and it was way the hell better than mine so I took it and I took all his bullets too.

Y'know, just like you do in a MMO when you kill something.

Or just like you think people should do in the movies, after they karate chop some gunman and forget to grab his weapon like six hundred times.

But then when I looked up (in my dream) I noticed all the people in town staring at me like I was some kinda ghoul, y'know, to rob a guy after a gunfight, I guess it was like totally against Gunman Etiquette, or something.

But I was poor, man, and my gun was all rusty and crappy looking and untrustworthy, so I was like, fuck all you people, I need this lewt, baby!

Shit man they're lucky I didn't take his clothes 'cause they were way better than my shitty farmer clothes too heh.

But y'know what with the way they were all lookin' at me and shit I decided against it ahaha.

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W.Churchill said...

nah, heres what you gotta do man. When your first starting out, you gotta make a living somehow yeah? I mean you cant enjoy a good Sasprilla or a shot of Ol' Red Eye after you gun a man down in the street if you haven't got any money. You haven't got a pot to piss in, only an old rusty ass six shooter.

Your nerves are wacked AND your broke. Now any honest bar keep would pour you one on the house, especially if you just busted a cap in the notorious Black Bart or Six Fingers Sanchez or something. You just did these town folk a favor so they owe you somethin, at the least a drink right?. Loot'n a dead guy right after you shot him only makes sense from YOUR perspective.

Yeah to be honest its not very tasteful and honorable, but heck partner, you didnt have a choice. I mean you could have ran but then you'd have the reputation as a yellow belly and thats way worse, that shit doesn't wash off.

Plus even if you weren't the one who called the other guy out, you won! He ain't gonna be need'n that stuff anymore so you might as well upgrade 'cause like it or not, your a killer now, your on the path of a gun slinger 'cause you know that words gonna spread like a prairie fire, and he's most likely got friends who aren't gonna take too kindly to you having put their buddy into a pine box.

Plus there are dudes all over the place looking to make a name for themselves and your on the roster. So you got to be ready, and that better gun he's got clutched in his cold dead fingers is going to give you a better chance at survival.

Taking his cloths would have been a bad move, so good call on skipping that temptation You'll get money rewards from bounties and grateful citizens unless you decide that the law way isn't for you, but thats a whole other can of beans..

Leaving two silver dollars on the guys body would redeem your swiping his sidearm, leaving him something to pay Phlegyas for that boat ride across the river Stxy, thats an olde school honor move there.