Monday, February 25, 2008


Alright lessee.

Been playing a lot of LOTRO lately, the update was about as awesome as an update could possibly be, everybody can "look" like whatever they want and wear whatever gear is the best for stats underneath, you can charge at an enemy while firing your crossbow (not such a big deal for my hunter as it is fun for my guardian even though he always misses when he does that 'cause there's a penalty for firing while yer running and my guard is a clutz to start with heh), all sorts of fun little perks for my champ and burglar (well, more for my burglar, I still play my champ the same and cant really find a use for the new stuff yet), easier factional rep stuff, easier legendary trait stuff, less group crap and more soloable stuff, guard repair bills are lower, all your characters can port to your house, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, the patch notes were like ten pages of stuff and I can't really think of a single thing I didn't like about it.

Still need more character slots, but at least helping new folks lets you get factional rep now, so there a little something to pay the big guys for helping out the little guys with quests, which is pretty smart.

Anyways the Lord of the Rings Online stuff is fun as hell and that's pretty much all I been doing that's interesting lately, didn't remember to take any pictures of Ex-B's hobbit in his pirate hat and eyepatch or my loremaster dual wielding a sword and staff with his polar bear or anything cool like that but whatever y'know I'm not a goddam gaming magazine heh.

Really can't complain though, y'know, 'cept about the character slots, and that's not really a complaint, that's more like begging for more, really, when ya think about it, y'know, 'cause people who hate your game don't need more character slots to hate it with ahaha.

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