Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Billy Speaks

Y'know how whenever there's a kid that "won't speak" or "can't talk" in the beginning of the movie, they're gonna be talking at the end of the movie?

I mean, how many movies have that shit in there, there's gotta be like a hundred of 'em, I dunno how anybody except some dude that was kept in a little box in the basement of a pyramid for the last ten thousand years wouldn't see that coming and think that was still gonna be a surprise for the audience.

Y'know, I just wanna be there when the writer thinks he oughta put that in his script so I can see the face he makes when he fools himself into thinking that tired old shit is a good idea ahaha.

And the actors always have to act like "oh boy! little billy is talking! what a surprise! yay!"

That's gotta be so hard for them to work themselves up for, y'know, I mean, I just laugh when I see the faces they make when they gotta do that part, 'cause you know they know how pitiful and unsurprising that surprise is heh.

The whole thing is so sad for everybody involved all around really ahaha.

So let's not have any more of that, okay?

I mean, its supposed to be like the Good Ending your wrote for your movie is just so good that it can cure serious psychological problems in kids and shit, and that just totally makes it worse 'cause it isn't a good ending if you do that Little Billy Speaks Thingie, its a bad ending that would actually make Little Billy unmagically lose all hope and start hating the world and turn mute.

And you gotta wonder what all the real life mute kids would say about your stupid crap, y'know, if they weren't all mute and talking in sign language and all that serious stuff that nobody understands and shit heh.

On the other hand, its actually so bad that it might actually cure them of their muteness just so they can scream at the TV about how stupid and horrible your movie is ahaha.

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