Friday, September 28, 2007

Warrior is About to Die

Alright so I been monkeying around with the module script stuff.

Y'know, redoing the equipment in the troop trees and junk to get rid of all that Pink Armor they put in there, mostly.

Actually I'm sorta trying to make all the different types of troops look more uniforn so that you can tell 'em apart on the battlefield easier, y'know, dividing up the armor and weapons between factions and stuff.

And at the same time I'm narrowing down the randomization-factor in the equipment they'll show up with so that you that can sorta predict how many archers and shit you'll have when you land on the battlefield heh.

Anyways I started redoing the troop trees for the Nords, well, I mean, its not really much of a tree, I guess, 'cause it ain't got any branches, its sorta more like a telephone pole ahaha.

I mean, here's how a tree is supposed to work:

Recruits upgrade to Footmen.
Footmen upgrade to either Archers or Infantry.

See that last part? That's a branch.

Then you would have more branches later, and that would make it look kinda like a tree, y'know?

Instead of just a "V" heh.

I guess that'd pass for a bush.

Anyways the Nords' troop tree works like this:


Y'know, it just goes on and on in a straight line until you get to the end, sorta like EQ.

I guess that's to make things easier on the folks who like playing Nords, 'cause they're all a bunch of fucking drunks or something.

Anyways, I decided to monkey around with that and add a "Berserker" branch.

Yah, just one branch, so it don't freak out all the drunks too much, I don't wanna force 'em to make too many important decisions AHAHA.

So, here's my problem.

I can come up with:

Recruit upgrades to Raider.

Raider upgrades to either Warrior or Berserker.

Then I go Warrior->Veteran Warriror->Champion.

And Berserker->Veteran Berserker?->Super Berserker??

See, that's my problem right there, I'm not having any trouble monkeying around with the code and shit, but I need some serious help to come up with better names for these damn "berserker" upgrades haha.

The very idea of a "veteran" berserker sorta makes me laugh.

Like, ain't all the berserkers supposed to run and up and get killed in the beginning of a fight?

If they live, it makes me think they must not be doing their berserking right or something, y'know?

Its like they're defective heh.

So that veteran thing sorta goes aganst the very idea of berserking, y'know?

To get all wise with experience and learn how to survive battles and shit?

Who the hell wants some old cowardly ass veteran berserker hanging around yer army telling his stupid war stories and making all the young newb berserkers worry about what might happen to 'em in their next fight if they aren't careful.

So I guess its really no wonder why the guy who programmed this stuff didn't add a "berserker" advancement line to Nords heh.

"Check out my uber high level craven berserker veteran who is afraid to go join his ancestors in valhalla!"


That shit reminds me of that old backwards-ass AD&D thing where the barbarian characters were supposed to try to destroy everybody's magic items heh.

Y'know, that barbarian loot-destroying thingie would work great with that RMT EQ shit ahaha.

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