Monday, September 24, 2007

Lamentations of Da Wimmin

After playing the new 890 version of Mount & Blade for a bit as a Khergit Khanate guy, and seeing all the kickass shit they added like all these different castles you can siege and all the cool looking little villages you can visit and upgrade, and the way its got the beginnings of the Battle for Sicily feudal-economic game mechanics junk, and the five-sided war, or whatver (insteada just two sides), I'm waiting for either the next patch for Mount & Blade, that'll let us go farther, or the source code, that'll really let us go farther heh.

I did the tutorials for how to mod junk in the 808 version, y'know, and I even messed around with that Battle for Sicily code (that guy is so damn awesome), so I feel all over-confident and super powerful about my modding capabilities and shit, even though I don't know anything (and don't really wanna know anything heh) about the graphical side of things for M&B.

Don't get me wrong, I could know all that graphical stuff, if I had to, I used to do all that graphical kinda junk, I just kinda hate it 'cause its tedious, y'know, sorta like I hate country music, and I prefer to keep it all blocked from my mind heh.

And I can program, y'know, in any programming language, pretty much (they're all the same to me, new twists on a tired old titty), I'm not just some kinda superhuman sex machine like all you guys think ahaha.

Anyways I played all these different mods that each had their own great little things in 'em, like the way could pick your own Advisor NPC buddy right from the get-go in BfS, and the Trait thingie and all the cool troop trees and stuff from TLS, so there's this part of me that's tempted, not to really make anything new, but to try to just mash 'em all together so I can play one game that has all the cool stuff I like innit, y'know?

Like, have the southeast corner of the map be Samurai Sunday Land, have the Ghengis Khan guys be in the northeast, have the Arabian dudes be somewhere in the middle with the Greek and Roman junk and all the Knights and crap toward the northwest.

Yah, with the viking guys in the north.

That way you got all sorts of different guys that you can fight with (or fight alongside) with their own strengths and weaknesses and fighting styles and all sorts of little villager economies with their own cultures and political structures and architecture and whatever that a player could explore and wreck the heck out of and stuff.

And it ain't like I'd have to do any graphics crap, aside from stealing stuff from people and trying to mush it all together into a map heh.

But... I'm lazy, y'know, and I ain't really into any kinda suffering for art, so I'd be happy enough with a patch that let me conquer more of the map and stash my extra troops someplace ahaha.

Edit: Woot patch is out hehe.

And the 891 script stuff.

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