Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unreality TV

I wonder what the limit is for shit you can make somebody do for a chance to win a million dollars or whatever in a Reality TV show like Big Brother where they get watched all the time and stuff.

Like, obviously its okay to make ten people spend a summer locked up in a house together with no outside contact and no privacy, doing all sorts of dumb contests to avoid dietary punishments and shit, as long as you offer them the chance to win some money.

But is it okay to make them spend a year locked up in a house together like that?

What about ten years?

What about ten years, with nothing to watch on TV except episodes of TJ Hooker?

Think how weird that would get after the first couple years, it'd be like some kinda weird science fiction civilization designed around old episodes of TJ Hooker.

And I mean, its only if folks agreed to it, y'know, I'm not talking about the makings of some dumb slasher movie or something where ya make anybody do anything they don't volunteer do heh.

But there's gotta be a limit to how much torture you can agree to, right?

Something that protects you from being totally stupid?

'Cause once yer locked in there, where yer only contact with the outside world is completely under somebody else's control, you sure as hell ain't gonna get any smarter, y'know?

You wll be bobbing for TJ Hooker Puzzle Clues in a giant litter box just for a chance to eat a pizza and stuff eventually, and that'll be all your life is about after a while.

I mean, a set up like that Big Brother House is basically a giant Brain Washing machine, y'know?

With punishments and rewards, like hamster pellets that come out of a little drawer and shit when you push the correct button with your nose heh.

It reminds me of all the weirder Vaults from Fallout, where they were supposed to be some kinda weird experiment, like having too many people, or not enough people, missing water chips, extra water chips, watching all those kooky mind-melting filmstrips from the 50s and shit.

There's gotta be a limit, y'know, like, you probably can't make 'em all think that there's a terrible world-destroying hurricaine raging outside the studio or something, with the walls shaking and water pouring out of the light fixtures and stuff, and power loss and fake deaths and stuff, just 'cause it'd make fer some good TV.

Now that I think about it, the people who are the first ones to go in for one of those kinda shows, y'know, before anybody has ever heard of the show, must have a lot of balls, or something, man, 'cause you'd really have no idea what you were signing up for and shit heh.

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