Saturday, September 15, 2007


Man, if only Mount & Blade were minimumly multiplayer, we'd have everything we need to do the 13th Warrior thing where we could ride around and meddle with shit in a fully automated and sorta randomly generated virtual world, fighting necromancers and rescuing waitresses, sieging castles with arrows whistling over our heads, building forts and defending villages, getting into all sorts of intrigue with rival lords and evil baronesses and stuff.

You can even change it over to be zone by zone, EQ-style (which would be "scene by scene" in M&B terms), insteada using that Map View thing, if that map thingie doesn't float yer boat.

And it can even do dungeon crawl stuff, too, although the npc pathing they got is pretty weak, there's some tricks you could do that would soup that up a bit, or at least mask it some, if you were lazy about it.

Its even got all the junk you'd need to do the Estate thing, or run your own virtual farm, or your own medieval village simulation.

And the best thing is that we wouldn't have to do any of that tedious-ass 3d modelling and animation shit either, 'cause these damn kids already did it all for us, and its kick ass.

It sucks that its like yet another Daggerfall with no multiplayer, man.

One of these days, y'know, hopefully before I turn into a mummy and shit.

We're almost there, but I'm almost a mummy, too.

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