Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bushi Doh

Lately I've been playing this Onin no Ran Samurai Mod for Mount & Blade.

Its even more kick ass than the Lord of the Rings one.

And it makes me wonder why there ain't more semi-historically acccurate Samurai shit to play, y'know, like, Lone Wolf and Cub slash Seven Samurai style.

'Cause that setting has a lot of awesome shit to it, y'know, what with the exotic peach blossum scenery and the mountains and the Zen comedy and all that, and that bushido stuff was super popular with us crackwhore white trash kids from the 80s.

Still ain't no super powered chinese peasant shit either, fer all my Bruce Lee Worshipping black buddies.

That junk was the basis of every kick ass spaghetti western story and a helluvalotta tattoos.

Anyways, so what do we get from our buddies over there instead of that kick ass junk?

This fucked up plastic blonde haired unicorn-riding anime tentacle rape big titty western philosophy worshipping shit.

I'm all for appreciating the irony of the situation of the cultural and philosphical flip flop, but jeeze looeeze man heh.

Anyways, this Onin no Ran thingie is some damn good fun, at least.

Edit: Oh, and if you are playing along at home, I found a good trick to try if your game gets graphically laggy every once in a while (usually when I go into the first battle scene or a town or something after starting the game), ya just hit C to bring up the character menu (and pause the game), and tab out of the game for a sec, count to ten (to let it dump some shit to disk), and then tab back in to fix it, it seems like it clears up video memory somehow when ya do that.


W.Churchill said...

Gotta give that one a try. I downloaded Mount and Blade a few days ago, kickass man. I even paid these guys the $22 'cause I hit lvl 6 in alittle over an hour :)

Im all about that Samurai stuff so I'm looking forward to it

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah the Samurai Sunday thing and the Lord of the Rings one both kick some serious ass compared to the plain vanilla Native game imho, but I like the Realistic Combat Model shit and the Waka-kaka sense of humor and the setting and the pseudo-educational flavor of the Samurai Sunday one a lil' better.

The only thing its missing is a good arena type thing to waste time in, they've got the beginnings of the code for a Dojo School thingie but its broken in the version I'm playing (where the Lord of the Rings one has a very cool arena mod incorporated into it).

I was thinking about you and the way you were saying you were gonna go to school for game design or whatever, 'cause I was reading up on how to mod the thing yesterday (they got a bunch of tutorials on the M&B forums), and aside from all the making-n-adding new models to game crap (I'm too old and Fat and Razy fer THAT shit ahaha), the game seems pretty damn easy to play around and do cool little Dungeon Keeper experiments and village simulations and stuff with.