Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heavy Meta

So I s'pose I should write what I think about Raph's New Thingie, or make a Hey Kids Kewlio Game Insider Radio Announcer Guy News Flash about it, or something, 'cause I'm s'posed to be one of those Game Blog Guys, or at least a guy who makes fun of Raph at irregular intervals, or something *rolls his one good eye*

But whatever, the truth is, I don't think anything about it, I saw the web page for it, and it was dark green text on a lime green background and I was like, "oh man, forget this Web 2.0 shit" in less than five seconds of squinting.

And what in the nineteen hells is that one eyed tentacle thing in the right hand corner supposed to be doing with that pink pom pom bush anyways?

*rubs eyes*

Not that I should talk, y'know, I do actually know why 90% of the websites out there are blue and white, exactly like Microsoft's and Intel's, I just choose to ignore that knowledge in favor of Ye Olde Fashioned Black & White Terminal Look that scares the children and probably makes me look a little goth or something.

And what the hell do I know about any of that Eyes Wide Shut Second Life Hello Kitty Animal Costume Porn Cartoon shit Raph and all them guys are into anyways?


Yah, couldn't be helped, sorry.

I'm just a Dick Joke guy, y'know.

At least I erased all the weird Twin Peaks Formica Table Insane Asylum Lazy Daisy Diner Wallpaper stuff that Lime Green reminds me of.

And now I'll retrun to my regularly scheduled program of Oiled Up Gladiator Wrestling Fun and Burning Animal Stories ahaha.

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