Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Pink Steamroller

Hmm, at first it was just the Rhodoks wearing pink armor, so that was okay, 'cause they suck, aside from having a pretty little hillside village that's located in a nice out-of-the-way spot where it'll hardly ever get burned to the ground and looted.

I mean, all the Rhodoks got is lightly armored crossbow guys and some infantry armed with spears, they ain't got any cavalry, y'know?

They're like the frickin' wood elves from the Lord of the Rings mod heh.

So they can't even crash-and-die in wave after wave against their more heavily armored opponents quickly, like the self-respecting Khergits, they have to run up on foot and die slowly ahaha.

But now my 100 Vaegir Knight strong Vaegir Steamrolller is dressing up in some pink stuff, and I saw some pink Khergits, too, wtf.

Its those new guys, those damn Nords, y'know, they're the ones wearing all my Vaegir's manly-looking crusty old chainmail shit, some game design guy prolly thought the Nords looked too much like Vaegir's on the battlefield or something.

Vaegirs always were sorta half-khergit (y'know, with the cool Mongol Hats) and half-nord heh.

But its the Nords that oughta be wearing the Pink shit, since they're the New Guys, the Vaegir's should be protected from that by their seniority or something, man heh.

And they removed those Dark Knight guys I used to use, what's up with that, taking out all the cool dudes in Black Armor and replacing 'em with Pink guys?

I know the first thing I'm gonna mod.

Edit: Sweet, you can edit to change the gear all the different kinds of troops have and rebuild without messing up your savegame and having to start all over, no more pink armor shit fer me heh.

On a side note, I think its kinda funny how I'm this tough old punk that still seems willing to cave into little kid peer pressure 'cause I've never even tried to play the filthy swadian swine with their fancy over-powered non-pink platemail and shit heh.

I've played everything but them ahaha.

What's that, when you avoid the guys in the game that were designed to be the most appealing by virtue of all their perks and junk?

Think its that Peasant Hero Underdog Syndrome or something.

Or mebbe I just can't get around my hillbilly manly-man hatred for the french heh.

Its kinda weird that I can't get around that french thing, since I tend to rebel against and like everything that the stupid hillbilly parts of my brain tell me I'm supposed to be programmed to hate, y'know, I even took french for two years in high school ahaha.

Well, I woulda taken Arabian or something, y'know, but they didn't have anything cool like that AHAHA.

Oh, and on an almost totally unrelated note, the new siege stuff and the fights where yer actually running up and down the streets with a bunch of farmers to defend a village from raiders are frickin' awesome, so don't skip any of those.

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