Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Whirlwind

So there's these two villages, that are on the opposite sides of a mountain from each other, but even with all the extra effort it takes to climb the mountain, they're still closer to each other than any other towns.

And even though they're both from separate kingdoms that are divided by that mountain range, and even though they are very different from each other, as far as culture goes, with different religions and all that, the folks in these two towns are buddies, even though they argue a lot and make fun of each other, its harmless, 'cause to them, there ain't nobody else in the world that really matters, and so the two towns are all intermarried and stuff (which doesn't help the arguing heh).

And one town makes a lot of grain, and the other town grows a lot of fruit, and so they trade fruit and grain back and forth between each other, and it all works out, even though they argue over whats more important, grain or fruit heh.

So anyways, one day, the two kingdoms that these two towns have to pay taxes to every once in a while, for Police Protection from Bandits and stuff, y'know, wink wink nudge nudge, go to war, and this Prince shows up at the town that grows fruit, and he looks things over without talking to anybody, 'cause he's in a hurry, and he sees that they need grain, so he goes and sacks the neighboring "enemy" village, and kills everyone on a religious crusade, and he brings all their stores of grain back to the first village, and he makes them eat it.

And he wonders a little, why aren't these damn villagers happy, they needed grain, and I got 'em grain, so wtf, chuck?

What's with all the long faces?

But they're afraid to answer him, in front of all his heavily armed and armored men, and so he figures mebbe the grain is a little off or something, y'know, but whatever, stupid villagers, ungrateful bastards, they should be glad that they have anything to eat.

And it isn't long before he's gotta move on to bigger and better things, anyways, like building his harem and smoking out of his humongous hookah and laughing and eating spicy foods from faraway lands with a bunch of his noble buddies in his father's Golden Palace of Seven and a Half Delights.

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