Saturday, September 15, 2007

Laughs Per Second

Y'know how some movies feel like they're short, and other movies feel like they're ten hours long?

2001 is a great example of a long one, if I have to watch it from the beginning, and I ain't allowed to skip all the monkey parts that I've seen a million times and shit, I usually pass out before I can even make it to the kick ass HAL stuff.

Oh, and Bicentennial Man, with Robin Williams, holy shit, that's another one.

This Will Ferrell thing I just watched where he's an IRS guy with a narrator talking in his head is another one of those, too, I feel like I been awake watching that shit for like three days now.

I laughed about three times during the movie, so that's like, one laugh per day, y'know?

Actually I think it was even worse than that, 'cause one of the times I laughed was just because the movie felt like it was so goddam long already.

I mean, if its gonna take you twenty four hours to tell a joke, it better be a really good joke.

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