Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Old Flaming Pig Defense

Man I love the Wikipedia.

I was reading about the ancient Romans and all their wars and tactics and equipment and the famous guys they fought and junk, and I ended up with this War Elephant shit, and Crushing By Elephant.

When I was playing that Battle For Sicily thing, it made me realize that the more successful I was as some kinda horrible warmonger, the farther and farther I'd end up from home, in stranger and stranger lands, compared to whatever the hell place I came from.

Y'know, ''cause you start out in an Arabian Palace, and you end up in living in a grim gray stone castle, trying to manage an economic system and a people and a countryside that was totally alien to you.

Or vice versa, y'know, if you started out as a French or Greek guy, or whatever.

Every time you beat somebody, you'd end up fighting the guy behind him, and everything would just keep getting weirder and weirder to you, and more and more exotic.

And you'd get weirder right along with 'em, y'know, adopting some of their culture and sleeping it off in the shadow of some giant octopus statue on the steps of some old temple or something in the jungle and using their weapons and men against their enemies and shit, y'know, afterwards.

If yer lucky enough to get back home to yer dumb little farm where people don't hardly ever talk to each other after having adventures like that, and its no wonder yer all messed up heh.

Its not like people had a wikipedia they could read to figure out what the hell you were talking about ahaha.

Anyways its a cool progression system.

Oh man.

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