Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad Influence

Dude, Raph is talking like me in this thing.

What's up with that?

He even said fuck and shit and kick ass and whatever the hell and y'know and man (several times!) and stuff!

And I think he called Mark Jacobs a crackhead asswipe or a whore or something, just like I always do!

Sheesh, he used to be such a delicate kid, looking like he just stepped out of a time machine from the 1800s, with the little carnation in his lapel, and the suit-with-the-vest that was three sizes too small, and the bowler hat, and the pocket watch, and the quivering lower lip, y'know?

Man, I hope it wasn't me that taught him how to swear and shit like that.

Well, mebbe somebody just slipped something funny in his drink, and that made him sound like me, y'know, temporarily ahaha.

P.S. Apparently me and Raph both worked at Subway (although I played frizbee in the parking lot and didn't wear a shirt most of the time, 'cause I worked across the street from a waterpark) and I tutored game programming computer nerds AND musical genius autistic kids in college, so there's a bit of a flip-flop there AHAHA.

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