Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Guess You Best Investigate

Y'know how we sing sitcom themesongs like doing the beatbox thing for Sanford and Son, or the way I play Green Acres on my throat like that dude from Animal House who did the Lone Ranger Themesong (which is way too hard fer me) or the way every single soul on this planet will sing Moving On Up from the Jeffersons and we all think we're all so cool and shit?

Nobody is cool enough to sing the Facts of Life themesong and keep their cool.

That didn't stop 'em from trying, though.

More than once, and I guess even adding some killer 1980s Saturday Morning Cartoon Guitar riffs couldn't save them heh.

Start practicing Ex-B.

The ending is an earth-destroying meteor made out of pure comedy gold with all that wailing and shit ahaha.

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