Friday, June 13, 2008

Walk Ins

I had this idea that I'm gonna forget unless I write it down.

All along I've been thinking about making the "currency" in the game be confined to the "world" it came from.

'Cause like, dollars from one Parallel Universe don't look the same as dollars in another.

The Apes from the Planet of the Apes had different presidents and stuff.

And then it'd be cool to see the coins from Ancient History and other countries and junk, so mebbe its not just a Parallel Universe kinda thing.

Anyways that's easy to add to the game, 'cause its just a "find a picture of the thing" and then copy and paste the link to it into a box kinda thing.

And even with the different kinds of coins and bills and stuff from different countries in the same world, its not a big deal to make an exchange table you can use at the Bank in Town to convert all your crap into one thing, although when you get into Time Travel, its starts getting kinda complicated.

But it'd be cool to make your own money for your game world with your face or the face of somebody you knew photoshopped on to it, y'know?

It really don't matter a whole lot to the mechanics of the game what it calls a "gold piece" and whether or not it has a picture for it, especially if they aren't worth anything in other worlds.

Anyways that's all sorta besides what I was thinking about.

What I was thinking about was commodities that Parallel Universe Traveling guys could trade between worlds.

Stacks of things that have value that they could trade for other things of value in other places.

Without using money.

Y'know, like you could convert all your cash to gold, and then go to another Parallel Universe and trade the gold for some sinfully delicious Ramen Pride Noodles and some Magic Beans that were in high demand in a third Parallel Universe.

I've always sorta intended to do some kinda Trader game, with the NPCs in different towns producing and wanting different amounts of stuff from other towns, but the Parallel Universe bit adds an incentive for folks to do the ole Walk-In and visit weird little worlds that they never woulda bothered with as long as it comes up on their trading radar with high demands for something.

Like Bullets For Zombie Town.

And Water and Oxygen for the Space Pirates.

And Gasoline for Barter Town.

And Bananas for the Ape Planet.

Haha no that'd get you killed don't do that.

Anyways that's what I gotta remember.

That, and to look for really high res stuff I can use for maps of Mars and the Moon and junk.

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