Friday, June 27, 2008


Did they ever do a movie where the stunt guy for an actor looked totally different than the guy he was supposed to be the double for, and you ended up liking the stunt guy better than the actor?

'Cause like, he was the guy that took all the kicks to the nuts and everything?

A movie about a movie like that would make a good movie heh.

And then maybe the actor could try to do better and make up for what a dweeb he was and the stuntman and the actor could solve a mystery and it'd end up being a buddy movie where they beat a bad guy or something ahaha.

See that's the classic SNL comedian formula crap right there, all it needs is some lame "unnoticed best friend" love story, like where the actor ends up falling in love with his biggest fan or the chick that does his hair, and the stuntman gets the lead actress from the movie AHAHA.

And I wonder why there ain't never been a movie that starts out being about an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse but then halfway through the thing you start to wonder if the people in the movie are hallucinating everything and killing regular people insteada aliens and zombies and stuff.

I mean, you think there'd be a lot more of those 'cause I'm sure there's plenty of us that think about that shit when we're watching a movie that might go that way heh.

And from that, I got the idea for a story I ain't got time to write.

You know how sometimes folks say that maybe life is just a dream and we're all just the figments of somebody's imagination?

'Cause of that thing where there's really no proof that your sensory system ain't been compromised and that's the only road into and out of you, y'know, you can't use your only input to determine if that input has been compromised, you need a good one to compare it to, which you don't got.

Mostly you just go by whatever seems consistent as if there's some rule about crazy shit being inconsistent heh.

When actually anything that's been compromised by any sort of intelligence is bound to seem pretty consistent on the surface in order to remain undetected.

Its the basic premise of the whole Matrix thing really.

Anyways, what if there really was a guy that was dreaming the world up and we were all stuck in his dream?

What if his dream was really crappy, and we figured out who he was, and we killed him, and then the world didn't just stop, it just switched to being somebody else's dream, a better dream, or maybe an even worse one.

But we can always track down the next guy and get rid of his ass too y'know until we finally "roll" a good one heh.

See, now that's a good idea for a story, might be some secret society of folks that know the truth about stuff, the only folks who remember what the worlds were like from dream to dream ('cause all the other figments just "play along" and don't notice the way the world keeps changing), and so there's some secret war over the power, might even be a little kid or something like that that ends up with the power, which makes it hard to kill 'em, even though their world-defining dreams are horrible, 'cause he or she is cute (not just when they're sleeping haha) and they're just a little kid.

And then maybe you got the whole deal where the guy that was gonna kill 'em ends up protecting 'em from the other guys like him, even though the world is crappy, that's a kickass setup.

I don't wanna forget that one.

Plus you can combine that with the zombie-hunter movie that turns out to be a hallucination AND the stuntman one for some much needed comedic relief and buddy movie slash love story shit heh.

Only thing bad about it is that when the kid grows up, he or she won't be so cute anymore, and that makes it easier to kill 'em off, especially when you have always been torn between killing 'em off in a bid to make a rotten world a better place, or protecting 'em and just putting up with having the world be a crappy place.

Well, that's not really a bad thing for the story, actually its a good thing for a sequel, its just a bad thing in general.

Yah, I guess if you wanna keep 'em around you gotta make the dreamer a really sweet little girl that stays sweet (somehow, my suspension of disbelief is starting to go right off the tracks at this point heh).

That'd be good for the third story in the trilogy, after the first kid turns into a rotten teenager and an evil Caligula overlord or whatever in the sequel ahaha.

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