Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Gawd

Oh man I just tried embedding youtube stuff into the game and it works.

So now all the user-added-everythings can have their own theme music and videos and stuff (including all your characters heh).

This screen shot doesn't make a whole lot of sense 'cause I just decided to try it out in the middle of programming the editing system for towns so that they can load their own maps that you can travel around on (and so the screen is all messed up) but its pretty damn cool anyways.

I'm gonna see if I can just show the "control bar" without the video too, in case you can only find a stupid video for a song you like.

Haha yah it works.

Goddam this is fun ahaha.

Alright, time to add a few more fields to the database.

I'm doing the multiple-map and Time Machine slash vehicle stuff right now so that you can travel around to different player-added world maps and visit towns and houses and businesses and forts (and crappy dungeons with no collision detection) and junk heh.

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