Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Smoke Break

I got my character-separated-from-user thing working for Dragon Knight.

12 characters per account with a character select screen and everything rewired so that it works off of characters instead of users.

Chat and the forums and stuff too, that's all by Character.

Even redid all the admin stuff and tested my junk out by stealing a character from one of my fake users and adding it to my admin's character select screen just by changing a number in the admin pages.

Y'know, so you can like, take control of people's characters and run around as them and then put everything back the way it was without even having to log out of the game heh.

You can prolly even change what Character a player is playing while they're playing, like, force 'em to switch to a different character so you can take control of the one they're using, but I didn't test that out.

I'm wondering if I should share this thing on that mod place 'cause its sorta drastic, there ain't no way in hell I'm gonna explain exactly what I did in some text file, that'd take like a month of typing, there ain't nothing I didn't rewire in the game except some of the web page templates and I was just saving that for last 'cause that's the fun part where I get to draw cartoons and stuff, y'know, I was sorta saving that for desert.

I still gotta add the different levels of Admin Powers and the junk for User Generated Content and some of the "funner" Database redesign stuff (like adding cooler stats for items and monsters and redoing how combat and loot works and adding character classes and all that) but that stuff is really easy compared to what I just I did.

I'm so glad this thing is working 'cause that User Is Your Character thing was so cheesy ahaha.

Oh I also figured out how to do the whole loading images off the net thingie (so I can save urls insteada saving the actual pictures in the database) so folks could post pictures on their blogs and then use the url to that for an image for their character when folks inspect 'em and stuff (which I already got working) or user-made monsters and items and towns and all that (which I ain't bothered with yet, but it'd only take two secs to turn that on heh) AND it won't hog database space and stuff, that's cool.

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