Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Special Pre-order Minotaur Race Yet

But its getting there.

Ain't done any graphics yet (aside from the title and these little blips for the stat monitor thingie), been trying to get the "bare bones" and "themeless" thingie working first so that I can make it easy for folks to add different graphical themes later.

I still got a ways to go and tons of things I wanna do but it works as far as Dragon Knight goes already.

Oh yah, these are screenshots of what it looks like inside my browser, y'know, 'cause this is a web game, I run my desktop as 1280x1024 and I ain't really worried about this thing working at different resolutions yet (got more important junk to do) but I do sorta ghetto-check to make sure it don't like like crap at 1024x768 and almost everything is auto-resize so far.

I been rearranging the UI to get ready for more of the standard mmo stuff like grouping and all that junk (heck right now I'm just happy that I got the multiple characters per account (and all the goddam crap that goes with that) and the chat thing working all the time on the bottom of the screen insteada just in towns ahaha).

Oh and all the "screens" in the game are controlled with all that "Display" menu stuff on the right, there ain't no more pop-up crap, everything "pops up" in the center of the game screen, I been trying to organize all the controls so you don't gotta move your mouse much to play the game.

Hmm, mebbe I should make that menu over there context sensitive.

Ah, I gotta move the who-is-online inspect-other-characters thingie to that too.

Oh, and the "message of the day" thingie (bah heh).


Sundry Chicken said...

Is that one of the rumored emaciated light-loving Grues I've heard so many whispers of?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Are people whispering about that again?

Goddammit they're picky eaters y'know its not like I forget to feed the stupid thing y'know its just hard to find "adventurers" in this day and age.

I swear you leave the stupid thing in a car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot of the Astral Supermarket ONE TIME and the whole damned town thinks you are some kinda Grue Abuser for all eternity.