Saturday, June 14, 2008

Body Slot Madness

Alright, this is what I think I'm gonna do...

1. Head (for helmets, hats, sweatbands, whatever)
2. Neck (for necklace, scarves, etc.)
4. Back (for coats, cloaks, capes)
5. Body (for a shirt, breastplate, jumpsuit...)
6. Belt (for any kind of belt thingie including gunbelts, toolbelts, and scabbards)
7. Legs (pants, blah blah blah)
8. Feet(boots, whatever)
9. Hands (gauntlets, gloves)
10, Wrist (bracers, wristwatches, bracelets)
11. Ring
12. Pocket (towels, magic gems, lucky charms)
13. Ear (could be earrings, could be a comm thingie or something in a futuristic deal)
14. Eye (sunglasses, spectacles, targeting reticule, whatever)

And there's two slots for what weapons you got in your hands, which might both be used by a two handed weapon, or it might be two separate pistols, or a pistol and a shield, if you are in ancient greece or something heh.

The only thing I'm not sure about is how many slots to do for stuff like Rings and junk.

I was kinda kinda thinking that maybe I should just set a certain number of Jewelry slots aside for Rings, Pocket Items, Necklaces, Ear thingies, Bracelets, and Eyewear, so you can put whatever you want in there, like, have four earrings, or two rings an eyepiece and and a wristwatch, or even four pairs of sunglasses (what the hell do I care really heh).

And then it'd be something like this:

1. Head
2. Back
3. Body
4. Belt
5. Legs
6. Feet
7. Hands

8. Left Hand Weapon
9. Right Hand Weapon

1. Whatever
2. Whatever
3. Whatever
4. Whatever
5. Whatever
6. Whatever
7. Whatever
8. Whatever
9. Whatever

Or something.

I think that second one is better.

And you don't gotta have it be jewelry (if you don't like jewelry) 'cause there's crap like Doctor Who Scarves and Hitchhiker Towels and Voodoo Dolls and Pocket Editions of Time Travel for Dummies and stuff.

I think its better if I do it that way for another reason, 'cause if I make the slots too complicated, then it makes it more of a hassle for people to add stuff, where a broad grouping for weird little trinkets makes it easier for 'em.

Plus this setup fits any kind of theme or time period and stuff.

Well, the "hands" slot is still kinda stupid, wearing gloves and mittens is pretty damn lame when it ain't fashionable to wear gauntlets, but it got Grandfathered into roleplaying games before I could do anything about it heh.

Y'know, like, all us Computer Guys would have to wear magical fingerless bum gloves so we could type and still get the stat bonuses in that universe ahaha.

Hmm, mebbe I will get rid of the "hands" slot.

"Body" could take care of that.

And gauntlets could be a melee weapon, and then I wouldn't need gloves.

Nah, that still ain't right, even with a spacesuit there's gloves.

And "hands" sorta make up for the way we don't have "arm" clothes heh.


Colbey said...

What if you had two types of possible bonuses on each item. One would be if it's "in use", and the other would be for just having it with you.
Say an Ancient Aztec Sacrificial Dagger that had +3 critical for striking Humanoids, but -3 luck because of the bad karma. If you had it as a backup, and it was in your 'pocket' it'd still give you bad luck, but it might be worth it.
Or an homemade necklace from your daughter, +1 luck if you are carrying it (you use it as a key chain), but +2 Charisma to Single Women when you wear it.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Heya Colb!

I like that cursed dagger thing man, where its got a really good bonus that MIGHT come in handy that you gotta weigh against the curse ahaha.

And I could do that.

I can easily "poll" the "equipped" items and "pocket items" (which would be like, jewelry and scarves and rings and crap) and your normal inventory (as a third thing) and tally up their bonuses separately (actually I gotta do that no matter what even if I add 'em all together).

And I need to set up the database so that it has "categories" for all the different item types (like daggers and helmets, for example), so that folks who are adding doo-dads to the game will end up with a drop-down list that they can use to say "this is a dagger" and "this is a power tool" and then I can turn around and tell the game how to deal with those things differently.

So your thing isn't even any extra work.

What you are making me think of is "cursed items" that give you their curse as soon as you pick 'em up (and on a side note, how maybe I should do that old-fashioned thing where you had to get "magic items" (or "high tech items) identified by a Wizard (or a Mad Scientist) before you could use 'em) and how MAYBE I should add another row to the Paper Doll for a kind of "pocket" where you could put things like backup weapons and stuff.

Like a Quick Access or Readied Weapons Row or something like that (although some guys might use those slots for Spellbooks that make their Specials hit harder and junk).

Mmm, I still haven't started to unravel all that inventory and item mess yet, I just got the basic framework I talked about in there right now (I'm still working on the specials).

I do gotta do some item crap before I can even test my combat stuff so that's all part of this current sweep I'm doing.

I kinda like the "readied weapons" thing, I was wondering how to do a deal for a guy that has like, six pistols strapped all over his body so he can just keep pulling out fresh ones and he don't gotta reload so much heh.