Friday, June 6, 2008

More Screenies

This is "Ole Bald Angus" the level 1 Quick checking out his own character sheet, and "Purple Dinosaur" the level 1 Strong inspecting him (through the Who Is Online thingie).

Which pretty much shows the important bit of being able to add junk to the game as a User, although I wanna make some kinda cool and official looking front end for the Monster Manual and Item Compendium and all that so that people are filled with an appropriate amount of awe ahaha.

I got all that new character class stuff added into the database and wired up to the admin and player screens but I haven't done any of the mechanical things with it yet.

And I also added ten hundred other things to the database like support for grouping and hometowns and bank slots and inventories and paper doll stuff and a trial version of the User Content Rating system and a bunch of other crap I'm prolly forgetting but I haven't wired any of that stuff up at all yet.

The game still works as DK though, I never let that break 'cause I need it to test the junk I'm doing heh.


Fraxas said...

you'd have to split Strange into Weird and Bad.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I figured one of you supergenius guys would know the answer to that sorta stuff.

I been working with Openlayers (for the google map junk) and Javascript animation (for the fallout-style graphics crap) and timer stuff for multiplayer all night and I just don't have a lot of juice left over to figure out metaphysical thingies so if you can expand on that Bad and Weird thingie a little bit (just so I know what the hell those are supposed to be as stats and what kinda...

Oh wait.. Bad is like, a measure of how much trouble you've gotten yourself into with Supernatural Beings eh?

Summoner junk, black magic stuff.

I was thinking about having that Strange stat be how Estranged you were from the natural world and everybody in it, sorta like a measurement of how much trouble you were in with the supernatural world, the old John Constantine stuff.

And Weird is like, the other kinda magic, wild magic that doesn't come from any particular being and doesn't get you indebted and in trouble with anybody, mindless chaotic and metaphysical forces that can be tamed and bent to the will sorta like science but more of an inversion of science or an anti-science or something yeh?

See I could do that.

If you got a better idea I'm all ears heh.