Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dunga Dunga Dunk

Just more screenies of the things I been fooling with.

The inventory deal at the bottom of each page was a total pain in the butt, actually, it still IS a pain in the butt, I'm gonna have to do a lot of fancy tricks to get it to resize properly for folks at different resolutions, its the only thing on the screen that don't auto-adjust too well.

The headers are frozen and work fine when you scroll and resize things, I'm doing it the right/hard way, without any cheap tricks, but its the fact that I had to hard code a couple of its dimensions in pixels to get it to work that bugs me, and its the only thing (beside the exploring map) that makes me think I'm gonna need to have player's specify their screen size and save their settings in the user table, if I didn't have that, I could just give the map a toggle-type button that made it shrink and expand to a size you liked (sorta like the way I do the chat box, which is actually a setting that's saved with each of your characters).

I might get luckier if I don't have to show so much "quick glance" info in the columns, once I get the "details pane" up and running.

I think part of my problem was that I got a bit of overkill in there, when all I probably need to show is the name of the thing so you can click on it and check it out.

If I can get away with that, a name and maybe an icon or something, that'll totally help things out with the way I'm starving for screen space.

Hmm, I can prolly do that for a lot of the stuff in the columns.

But whatever, it's all broken out from the database in a way that lets me fool with the stuff in there (so it'll go through your bags and only show whatever "armor items" you have in your inventory on the armor page and stuff like that) and that also lets me turn the names into things you can click on that'll make the "details" for the items pop up in the space that's being used by the paperdoll placeholder guy with the skull.

I just don't have any of the new kinds of items yet to do that part (that's the next thing, now that I've sorta ironed out what I need for items in a basic way, I can make something like the Character and Town Editing screens to add new junk from those pages for admins and do the monster manual type thingie).

Although I might be adding a few more fields 'cause of Colbey's cool stuff.

Ex-b really hates dicking around with his inventory in these games so I'm trying to streamline the whole thing some by only showing whatever weapons you got in your inventory (regardless of bags) on the weapons page and stuff like that, the inventory page with the bags will let you nose around in all your crap (and that's prolly the same table stuff I'm gonna use when you loot junk and sell crap to merchants and use the auction house and whatever).

And I'm sure I'll be jacking stuff around once I start playing a little and see what else I wanna add, I really don't like the way the armor and weapons pages are so similar right now, but that's the info I need for ironing out basic combat (well, the I stuff need to balance out the basic differences in combat gameplay between the different classes).

And most of the "controls" for items, like the buttons for being able to equip and unequip them or destroy them and whatever, are going to be in the "details" pane that you can't see 'cause I ain't programmed it yet 'cause I don't have any items to work with yet heh.

Well, I gotta do that, and I gotta start making the paperdoll "dress up" (in a kinda generic and symbolic way, based on the different categories for items, y'know, like, there'll be a difference between a cowboy hat and a motorcycle helmet, or a trenchcoat and riot armor, but not different kinds of cowboy hats and motorcycle helmets and trenchcoats and riot armor) as you add stuff to your guy.

And I prolly gotta do a paperdoll for girls, although I was trying to stay away from doing anything like giving you a dropdown box to pick a sex or a race, 'cause I don't have any plans to use that crap for anything (except for this paper doll thing, mebbe).

And there's just something really wrong and creepy and Leave It To Beaver about the idea of items like "dresses" that are hard-coded to be female-only and stuff, I don't really wanna have to program any of that kinda ethnocentric cultural crap based on my personal sexual preferences and shit, y'know, I'll leave that up to the discretion of the player, I ain't here to teach nobody nothing about that kinda stuff, wtf do I know, I just think its prolly kinda sucky to have to dress-up some generic muscle-dude action figure if you are something like a girl, and its easy for me to make a couple arrows at the bottom that let's you switch your paper doll to something that'll suit your tastes (its just the clothes that might then become a total pain in the ass for me if I can't make 'em fit a different body type without looking really weird, but then again, I ain't sure how many different types of things I need to make yet and how quick I can do it, so maybe that won't be such a big deal).

Well, okay, the real reason I don't wanna do that stuff is 'cause I really hate getting "female" loot that I can't use in games, but that other thing makes it sound so much better heh.

Plus, in any game where there's "male and female" loot, you never know if the stupid ass nerds who made the game gave "the girls" a little something extra ahaha.

But I suppose I could just check your character out before I dished out the loot, even if I had female items in there.

Even if I didn't know a shit ton of female gamers, I'd still have to make the game fun for girls 'cause I got some folks in real life that I wanna make sure the game is fun for.

One of my "acid tests" is my little brother's wife, 'cause she's totally a "girly girl" that doesn't like this kinda shit at all, but she'd like to run a bar or an inn or something in a game, y'know, some place to meet all the "adventurers," for the social part, so I gotta build that "townie" end up of it some, for her and everybody else like her.

And I'd like her to be one of the folks in the "parental advisory" guild that lets you hook up the game settings so that it don't have none of my (or anybody else's) evil shit innit that ain't for little kids and stuff, 'cause she's got my two nephews and a niece to worry about.

Anyways I'd like to add a paper doll for the Planet of the Apes guys and Robots and mebbe even midgets and elves, too, but we'll have to see how much of a waste of time that is.

I'm not sure I'm gonna let anybody else look at your paper doll, although I was considering showing that and the image and description stuff you added to you character, insteada any numbers and statistics and stuff (besides base class and level).

And eventually I'll do the bionic crap and augmentation pages, but for right now, that kinda crap can go into the "accessories slots."

Man, I just don't like my weapons page yet.

I kinda want the Quick Slots to be like what we called your "ranged slots" in WoW, something that might have a quiver in it or a spellbook or something if you were a Wizard.

Mebbe I should get rid of the columns in there like damage and stuff and just let you inspect the item to see its info.

And later on (after I test the basic combat junk) I'm probably going to be adding different damage types and ammo and stuff (I'm not totally decided on that, I'm not sure if the "fun" of that is worth the headache for everybody, but its so easy to add immunities and stuff to monsters and do the junk for ammo).

Oh yah I already got the stuff for doing 1H/2hand/Dual Wield crap, that's the "type" column in there.

Whether a weapon is "ranged" or not doesn't really matter yet.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna do any of that, you sorta need a graphical representation of combat for junk like "close" and "long range" to matter, and I don't want folks having to click around on the screen and move their guy around in fights and stuff.

Well, not yet, anyways.

The melee and ranged thing is a part of the weapons stats, and its used to determine whether you use dex or str and stuff, and whether you do a flat 2-8 damage per bullet (or whatever, aside from critical hits) or use your strength to add to the damage of a weapon, it just isn't shown on the page.

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