Monday, June 2, 2008

DK Smoke Break

I been donking around with the Dragon Knight database, separating out the Character stuff from the User stuff, y'know, to make it into a game with a character creation screen and a character select screen and multiple character slots and stuff.

Plus I needed to do something like that just to get used to the database crap, 'cause there's a ton of other database tricks I wanna do.

And I actually got that multiple character thing working already but its gonna take a while to clean everything up enough that somebody could use it as an actual game again.

Right now all I got is a log in and character creation screen, a few pages that don't totally explode when you open 'em, and a database that says what I'm doing is working, y'know, you can't actually play the game until I add a nice character select screen and fix all the web pages I broke and add some stuff to the admin pages for character management.

Which ain't that bad, really, 'cause DK is nice and tight and tiny and smart compared to pretty much everything else I've ever looked at.

Still I need to take a smoke break for a sec even though I got wires sticking out all over the place and sparks shooting out of the thing heh.

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