Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Moving Crap

I'm still moving, still destroying the walls of my prison brick by brick and carting the debris down three flights of stairs to the dumpster heh.

I should be done tomorrow sometime, unless I get lazy and need to finish up on Monday.

It'll be good to be out of here, this place used to be cool when I had a cornfield and a farmhouse to look out at from my balcony, back in the first couple years I lived here, but now its just a bunch of houses, 'cause the farmer guy sold his land to housing development folks and took off.

Which is what I'm doing heh.

No time to really work on the game or anything but that'll get better in the next couple of days.

Ex-b has been on a scouting mission in Florida this week, checking it out, looking for some place to set up shop, but he ain't really decided on Florida, I don't think.

Its been humid as hell up here in Chicago and if its even worse down there in Florida then I can't even imagine what he's dealing with right now.

Yah, he's the only guy that's actually seen my game in motion so far, and he's pretty excited about it, excited enough to give serious criticism and talk about business shit insteada saying encouraging crap, saying shit like "well, that's pretty good for a beta, but..." so I know I'm on to something good heh.

Most of my junk is actually alpha 'cause its only had one pass and I was learning everything I was doing as I was going along, so the first pieces I built are totally rough around the edges and the more recent things I've added are more the "knock your socks off" kinda shit.

Whatever, to do everything I did in the relatively small amount of time I did it is pretty kickass no matter what, when I think about how far along I'll be in another month I get all excited, the only time I've ever seen anybody do what I been doing lately is when the Real Life Dwarf did his genius thingie, doing stuff in three days that took a "professional" team of twenty a couple months to do worse than he did it, so now I'm all like, oh sweet, I musta stole some of the Dwarf's Power or something ahaha.

Y'know, as much as I talk about the tropical island shit, I'm more the "let's move to Alaska or Canada or Norway or something" kinda guy, my brain is a sensitive instrument that generates a lot of heat, and I like it cold.

I don't mind driving in a blizzard either.

Actually I don't mind the heat as long as I ain't gotta go up and down three flights of stairs with a ton of stuff that weighs as much as water.

And the tropical island stuff ain't good because of the heat, its good for every reason except the heat heh.

And the heat is even good when it makes chicks dress in skimpy shit, y'know, insteada big poomfy snowsuits and stuff, so it does have that going for it ahaha.


Dirk said...

I'm the opposite. I kinda like the lizard heat over the cold.

Been thinking of moving someplace colder though cause all the real estate in the warm spots is all so expensive.

But then again, been here over 20 years now and even though my buddies are a bunch of assholes, they are my assholes, and it would suck trying to find new ones.

Bonedead said...

Sarasota Florida rules, mainly because I live here.