Friday, June 13, 2008

...And the Rest of It

And the next thing is the way I gotta redo the database to handle monsters and stuff.

'Cause I wanna make three tables for monsters and loot and towns and buildings and specials (which are the same thing as spells) and everything else the players can add to the game.

One that stores all the junk that Users can add to the database, like pictures and descriptions and all that cool stuff.

And one where I store the naked mechanical skeletons for monsters (and everything else) that the game uses to sorta randomly apply all that window dressing junk to, the attributes and number of attacks and what kind elemental damage it does and what kind of loot it drops and whatever, in the case of monsters, but its other things for specials and weapons and armor and magical items and buildings and towns and vehicles and blah blah blah.

And the third one being actual monsters and items and towns and buildings and stuff that people own and junk (monsters only being somewhat persistent unless they're pets or the boss of a dungeon that nobody has killed or something).

I think that's the way that I gotta do it.

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