Friday, June 13, 2008

Hockey Puck Online

Welp I got the multiplayer map thingie working in a very basic way.

And I can auto-load anything from the database onto the map, besides players and towns, so that's cool, 'cause that means I could throw monsters and dungeons and buildings and everything else down, if I want to.

And the game is saving your position and all that stuff.

But I really need to make some better icons heh.

Unfortunately I don't really feel like doing that at the moment, 'cause the web page programming stuff is funner, now that I'm done with the blood-and-guts of the map.

I'll need to go back and do the "zone" thingie eventually, but I gotta build up the "monster manual" and combat and the rest of the game first before I know what I need for the database so Admins can paint down "terrain" and have it mean something.

Oh yah and the animated icon thingie is all set, I just need the animated icons.

I'm gonna make the icons something you can pick from and all that (they're actually all done by url at the moment, although I dunno how well that'll hold up under fire with all the animated junk, I guess the browser caches 'em 'cause the "player 1" icon is destroyed and recreated from scratch every 30 milliseconds or something, but that still don't mean it'd be okay to let everybody pick their own "unreliable" links for icons, even though I totally control the size of everything and it auto-shrinks).

And I kinda wanna work on an idea I had for town maps, where you could walk around inside the town and visit all the buildings (that otherwise ain't visible on the Big Map), 'cause I already set aside space for them to have their own maps (which would be a good test of the mechanical junk for the "teleporting to a Parallel Universe" system heh), but I was thinking that maybe I'll let towns section off a piece of the google map and make it a separate monster-less instance of the map that's like, so-and-so tall and wide, 'cause then you could put icons for buildings like "inns" and "restaurants" and "houses" and all that kinda junk down in a real map of a city, without having to draw anything, and the players would be able to go in-and-out of 'em.

Y'know, 'cause you really can't do nothing better than something like this for a good town map heh.

Oh yah, those little popup balloon thingies are a lot more sophisticated than they look, they're actually "mini web pages" that are fed variables from the database and they can be resized with scroll bars and pictures and links to stuff, but I didn't bother loading 'em up with anything fancy yet (I'm at the "just glad its all working" stage of enjoyment heh).

And my town coordinates are just the first thing I found on the internet that had a list of cities with latitudes and longitudes that I could use for 'em, they all seem to be positioned at airports at the moment, but that's all easy to fine tune or change around any way you like (plus you can add as many new towns as you feel the urge to).

Mmm, that reminds me, I need to add a luxury liner love boat thingie or something in the ocean off the west coast of Africa 'cause you end up getting teleported there when something I programmed goes wrong ('cause its 0,0, y'know).

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