Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Specials List

This is just a placeholder for when I come back to fill this out some later, 'cause its the next thing I'm gonna mess with, but I'd appreciate anybody's input on crap I oughta put in there for 'em.

(melee type stuff)
Starting Stats: str:12 dex:9 con:9 int:6 wis:6 cha:6 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=10 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=6 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Strong Specials:
1. Berserk: Dodge and Parry bonuses are removed for one round and applied to damage.
2. Get Serious: Dodge and Parry bonuses are removed and applied to accuracy.
3. Triple Play: if first attack lands, second attack is made, if second attack lands, third attack is made (each attack automagically targets a new enemy, so you need three enemies to make the most of it).
4. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em: Chance (based on damage) for each attack to thwart an enemy's ability to attack for the rest of the round.
5. Some kinda permanent damage increase.
6. Some kinda permanent parry increase (since they're parry guys).

(ranged and sneaky thief stuff)
Starting Stats: str:9 dex:12 con:9 int:6 wis:6 cha:6 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=10 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=6 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Quick Specials:
1. Sure Thing: a guaranteed hit.
2. Snake Eyes: Permanent increased chance for critical hits.
3. Roomsweeper: attacks all enemies in one round but at penalty to hit that increases per enemy involved.
4. Bullet Time: Doubles attack speed and Dodge and Initiative for one round (maybe the first round, maybe the next round after its triggered, maybe I'll make it something permanent that's triggered off a critical hit and applies to the next combat round, I'm not sure yet).
5. Some kinda permanent Dodge increase.

(die-hard tank stuff, could be ranged or melee)
Starting Stats: str:9 dex:9 con:12 int:6 wis:6 cha:6 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=10 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=6 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Tough Specials:
1. Flesh Wound: Ignores one attack every four rounds.
2. Teeter on the Brink: Any round where a Tough Guy is reduced to Zero hit points, he will hover at 1 hit point until the next round (this means that it takes a minimum of two rounds to put down a Tough Guy).
3. Disrespect: Taunts all enemies in an area of effect, maybe makes them sloppy.
4. Bring It On: Reflects some amount of damage (have to think about it) back on every attacker 'cause of the thickness of the Tough Guy's skull (doesn't make a whole lot of sense for anything but melee damage though).
5. Second Wind: Self-heal, Hulkamaniac style, but I gotta see how combat works some to know how I'll do it, might make it some kinda thing that allows them to "Surge" their hitpoints over their limit and use those as "free hit points" before it wears off, 'cause that could also be used as a "heal."
6. Maybe some kinda damage resistance increase buff thingie, or a buff to block and parry and dodge, I gotta be careful with Tough Guys 'cause of the way stuff starts stacking up with them heh.

(wizard and mad scientist type junk)
Starting Stats: str:6 dex:6 con:6 int:12 wis:9 cha:9 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=6 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=10 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Smart Specials:
1. Missile Madness: Fires off one missile per level that does 1d4 damage to random targets. Critical hits if it gets them in the eye.
2. Jolt: Electrocutes an enemy for a random amount of health and sass damage (up to a max of the Smart Guy's intelligence).
3. Fire It Up: Area of effect fire damage over time, starts slow, gets worse.
4. Summon Familiar: It might look like an animal, but it ain't. It also might be Holographic Entity stored in a laptop. Or maybe it isn't.
5. Boom: Chance to knock enemies down for a round (well, make 'em all duck and cringe at least).

(healing, tactical, wilderness, and survival stuff)
Starting Stats: str:6 dex:6 con:6 int:9 wis:12 cha:9 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=6 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=10 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Wise Specials:
1. Animal Taming: Summons a pet (selectable).
2. First Aid (heals 1d8 hit points + level?)
3. School 'Em: Vampires sass off an enemy.
4. Saw It Coming: Increases Dodge, parry, and block rating for one round, or something sorta like the Cleric Sanctuary spell.
5. Need a heal-over-time, but don't know if I wanna give it away for the first few levels.
6. Maybe some kinda damage-triggered heal or heal-over-time thingie that can be put on somebody ahead of time.
7. Thinking about some kinda "Choose Battlefield" special that makes it hard for them to be surprised by ambushes and allows them to see encounters coming from a long ways off so they can avoid 'em if they want (although I was going to use everybody's Wisdom for those kinds of calculations anyways, so Wise guys just have a sorta innate advantage with that).

(con-artistry, crowd control, pets, illusionist, enchanter, and bard-type junk)
Starting Stats: str:6 dex:6 con:6 int:9 wis:9 cha:12 luck: 6 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=6 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=10 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Charming Specials:
1. There's a Sucker Born Every Minute: Summons somebody from the audience to use as a pet (eventually they'll have a Beautiful and Dim-witted Assistant as a pet, but not at first level).
2. Sucker Punch: Charisma versus Wisdom to make a single enemy wait until the Charming character strikes first.
3. Scapegoat: Charisma versus Wisdom to make an enemy attack another enemy for a single round.
4. Distraction: Charisma versus Wisdom against every member of a group of enemies to make them waste a round looking for Superman or something.
5. Inspiration: heals 1d8+level points of Sass.

(jack-of-all-trades, master-of-only-random-and-lucky stuff)
Starting Stats: str:7 dex:7 con:7 int:7 wis:7 cha:7 luck: 12 (with 3 free points to spend)
Health=7 ((str+dex+con)/3)
Sass=7 ((int+wis+cha)/3)

Possible 1st Level Lucky Specials:
1. Luck Out: (permanent buff) Character's Luck divided by Enemy Luck * 50% base chance to avoid any blow that would have put him into negative health (uses some amount of Sass each time its called on).
2. Lucky Shot: Once every four combat rounds, the character can fire off an extra attack that always hits (a random target).
3. Lady's Choice: Once every four combat rounds, the character can drain (from one up to his Luck attribute) in health and sass from a random enemy and randomly provide it to somebody else (although it may be provided to the character, someone in his group, another enemy, or even the same enemy, just 'cause it might be a one-on-one).
4. Fluke: Causes an enemy to choose a completely random target on accident (including another enemy, but not limited to that)

(Later on, I might make Lucky guys be able to learn certain lower level specials from other classes, mebbe with a chance to flub it, or in a way where they aren't really in control of which one goes off)

I'm gonna stick with the plan not to have Strange and Bent and just keep that as part of Smart for now, 'cause otherwise I think Smart gets too weak, but we'll see.

Just looking at this, I seem to have a few different kinds of Specials.


1. Permanent Buff type things that are always on.
2. Permanent Buffs that might be triggered by something during combat.
2. Buffs that might be toggles.
3. Specials (including some Buffs) that seem like they ought to be put in place at the beginning of a combat round before there's a roll for initiative.

But that's it.

I wanna have some that "reverse" or "counter" or "absorb" or "take advantage of" or "are triggered" by other powers, and weirdo ones like "breath weapons" for monster, but that's not so much the kinda junk you wanna have for 1st level guys, you need meat-and-potatoes stuff for that.

Each one of these kinda things I have to do some programming for, but that's the fun kinda stuff.

The only problem is that its the kinda stuff that you gotta playtest some to fine tune the math on it so you don't end up with totally invulnerable steamroller guys and junk like that.

Its really not that bad to deal with the "Unlimited" level and attribute thingie, though, 'cause I can always compare your attributes and levels and stuff to the monsters you are fighting (which are randomly created and unlimited too, although I'm gonna mix it up so that you'll have Gauntlet-style popcorn fights with lots of guys that are littler than you, and fights where a whole team needs to beat something huge down).

Oh yah, I'm just doing the first level junk and putting some permanent buff stuff in there that I might move to later levels ('cause I think I oughta check out how they'll work).

Its easy to think up cool junk like Meteor Strikes and Timestop and Build a Wizard Tower (or an Evil Supervillain Laboratory) and all that stuff to give to Smart guys when they're bigger.

But folks need at least one cool "power" in their list when they walk out of the character creation screen, I was thinking about giving them some "class defining" permanent buff type thingie (like a permanent health buff for Tough Guys) by default, and letting them choose their own first "active" power from a list, so that everybody would start out with SOMETHING fun to throw down in a fight.

Oh, I'm also not sure exactly how I'm gonna do the pet thing.

I love the way hunters needed to hunt for pets and train 'em and stuff in WoW, and that'd be cool as hell in a totally bizzarro-world game, where you might have a Teletubby with a Skull for a Face or the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man as a pet or something.

But I don't think that's first level stuff fer sure.

And I'm not really sure that the first level guys need combat pets, I might just make their first pets into something like buffs, or not give 'em their first pets until fourth level or something like that, but I do need to work out the interface stuff for 'em, so I included 'em in here.

Mmm, I need to lock in s'more "debuffs."

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