Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Slap Happy Again

Man I'm getting slap happy again I gotta straighten out.

I redid the items table to try to make one table that'll hold all the different kinds of items and item templates and instances of actual items and everything.

Its not that hard, its just gonna be hard to remember how a weapon uses the structure compared to a piece of armor and stuff like that until I add the front end that'll do all the remembering for me heh.

Anyways right after I do that, I figure I'd start adding some hard-coded basic items, and the first thing I figgered I'd add was a bag, y'know, 'cause I'm gonna need a goddam bag to hold all this other awesome newbie shit I'm adding, right?

And now I can't stop laughing about the "Large Sack" I added, and the ten thousand "sack" jokes it makes me think of.

Its bad enough that I didn't add a "small sack" first, I just din't have the heart to give nobody a tiny sack, y'know, sacks gotta start at "Big" and go up from there or something ahaha.

Ugh I ain't laughed this hard since the time I was doing the one-hand weapon versus two-hand weapon versus dual wield thingie and it reminded me of the way that Raph and all his followers are the only folks who never made the leap to "dual wielding is cool" for some weird, possibly Greg Brady Goes to College "fencing" inspired reason.

I mean, think about how many games have "ambidexterity" in 'em for like five seconds and then you gotta sit there and ponder the whole "what the hell could Raph be thinking?" question.

Is it a black sock and sandals at the beach kinda american tourist with no-taste thingie?

I'm okay with the idea of a guy using a one handed weapon and a shield, as long as its a spear and he's using a round shield, 'cause that looks cool.

Or a guy with a pistol in one hand and a flashlight or a briefcase or something in the other hand ahaha.

What the hell are the Raph People doing with their other hand? AHAHA.

Oh man I'm gonna blow a blood vessel or something I gotta cool off.

I wonder what percentage of internet nerds would say that they're "ambidextrous."

I bet that number is over fifty percent AHAHA.

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