Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm packing up my crap and getting ready to move.

And I can't take a lot of junk with me, y'know, fer a lot of reasons, but mostly 'cause I'll probably be moving again pretty quick and really there's a part of me that just wants to get back to my hobo roots where I can carry everything I care about in the entire world in a guitar case.

My mom used to laugh 'cause I really did do that in the old days and she's a total packrat.

I can't say exactly what's going on (well, yet) but I can say that it ain't anything really interesting or cool in any way (well, not yet), and it ain't anything that's gonna change much of anything for me at the moment.

Anyways the whole "getting old" and "computer guy thing" really messed up that "fit it all into a guitar bag" gag for me, nowadays I got like ten million books and an entire room full of Frankenstein's computer equipment, even if all my furniture and everything else I own is a bunch of crap that folks gave to me.

Plus my mom dumped all this stuff on me from when I was a kid, one of the times one of their houses flooded, so now I got ten thousand comic books in dusty crates (that I'm never gonna read and I'm thinking about tossing out even though I've heard ten million old guys say they wish they hadn't thrown out their old comic books) and I got all this pen and paper roleplaying game crap, boxes full of all the old books and a bunch of shit I drew and pads of graph paper filled with maps and "adventures" me and the other kids played and character sheets and index cards with pictures of swords on 'em and little kid descriptions of how awesome they are and little boxes of mashed-up miniatures and dice and all this other crap like that.

It'd be funner to look at if it wasn't covered in twenty years of dust bunnies and shit heh.

Man, there's nothing worse than reading something "dramatic" and "serious" and "poemy" you wrote when you were a kid ahaha.

Unless its good, y'know, then its okay.

There's a few things I'm thinking about stealing from my old self already ahaha.

I got a pretty horrendously humongous dvd (and vhs haha) video libray, too, I'm thinking about chucking a lot of that out.

I do appreciate the fact that I got the time to pick the junk I wanna keep, y'know, some folks get burned out of their houses and stuff and they just lose their junk forever, they don't get to choose.

Not that I gotta lotta stuff that I really care about, I don't think I really do care about any of this stuff, I can always make or get at whatever I need wherever I go.

I'm gonna try to dump some of the junk I wanna keep on my mom, like all this dungeons and dragons crap, give whatever else is good to my little brother so his kids can wreck it, and just throw everything else out.

I'm hoping I can whittle it all down to "my big frankenstein computer," my linux laptop that's the historical museum of every arcade and console game ever made, and a guitar bag fulla clothes in the end.

It'll be sweet to feel light on my feet again like I was in the old days.

I wish I could get rid of the frankenstein computer and just do the laptop deal but personally I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna die without ever becoming a big fan of laptops at this point heh.

Well, you never know, I guess, I mean, maybe I'll find a laptop that I don't hate at least a little someday ahaha.

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