Monday, June 23, 2008

More Paper Doll Crap

Haha man this item stuff is driving me crazy.

I'm reworking the basic paper doll thingie again.

I'll put a picture up.

There ya go.

I still gotta add some kinda statistics totaling thing (for your total armor and weapon damage and weight) and the currently open "bag" of your inventory to the bottom (although the names of things in the slots will also be clickable and take you to a screen where you can see the details of an item and swap it out with something else in your inventory, so there ain't just one way to equip and unequip junk).

And it has zeros in the place of the names of things 'cause I ain't made it pretty yet (zero is just the default ID number for when a slot is empty).

And I'll probably add an icon and an armor (or weapon) value and a weight field and what level the item is to each row at some point, although I'm already getting crunched for screen space and I'm probably going to end up chopping this paper doll thing into separate screens for armor and weapons and trinkets and crap.

Actually I guess I should just go ahead and to that.

I got the option of making everything "expand and collapse" when you click on the title bars too but I'd prefer to keep the junk simple so I can be sure it all looks halfway decent no matter what screen size you are at.

Anyways I think I'm gonna go with...


...for the Armor and Clothing slots.

"Body" will be the "chest" or "shirt" thingie, the "bullet proof vest" spot.

And "Hands" will do arm stuff (especially if I ever do junk like called shots to body parts or anything).

And "Shoulders" will be for Trenchcoats and Biker Jackets and Cloaks and Capes and even Spacesuits and Hazmat jumpsuits and stuff I guess.

And shoulderpads for folks who just love the shoulderpads *rolls his one good eye*

I was calling that slot the "Back" slot before but I think "Shoulders" is a little better.

"Back" is sorta misleading when you can equip the slot with stuff that protects you from the front and all around.

I don't particularly like "Belt" but it is something that they had even back in the ancient roman times (even if it was just a rope).

Belt is especially lame for the "called shots" thingie, but I guess it might be considered the Groin area, and if that's the case, then its like, the whole point of having "called shots," really heh.

And the dudes who didn't wear pants (like them ancient roman guys) usually had loincloths or something that could go in that "leg" slot, so "legs" is alright, even though I don't really feel like doing a lot of programming for the Exciting World of Fashionable Pants.

The Accessories slot is for all the trinkets like rings and amulets and scarves and crap.

This would be so much easier if I was just doing a scifi thing or something.

I'm tempted to just go ahead and do the Augmentation Overlay thingie for kickass Cyborg Parts and Genetic Muatations and stuff (that's why my paper doll has a Terminator Robot Skull ahaha) but I'm trying to keep that impulse under control.

The other option is to go with a D&D style thingie, where there'd be less body slots, like, there'd only be head, body, hands and feet, and body would be for "outfits" like suits of armor and "street clothes" and shit.

I kinda like that way of doing it, 'cause it makes more sense to me, but I also like having more kinds of loot and more customization and junk, even though it starts making less and less sense the more you add to it.

Its pretty Greg Brady either way, I mean, I'm either stucking "making outfits" for folks, or I'm stuck making pants and capes for people.


Mebbe I should just go with...


...and just make Armor and Jumpsuits and "dresses" fit into it.

I was also gonna do "Favored Hand" and "Off Hand" insteada "Left" and "Right" but that's more letters and I was running out of space.

I guess if I bust the paperdoll up into separate weapons and armor and accessory screens I could do cooler stuff like that though 'cause I'd have more room.

That'd allow me to show the Dual Wield and Two Handed Weapon thingie in a cooler way too.

And give me room for a "swap out different types of ammo" deal if I end up wanting to do that.

And I could show the details for the item when you click on it in the place of the paper doll, or temporarily in the place of the statistics totaling panel, insteada having that be a separate screen.

And that template would probably work for a looting screen too.

Man, I gotta figger out my randomly applied bonuses for weapons and armor and stuff too, besides the +10 dex junk, y'know, like making things "lighter" and giving them a "keen edge" bonus to crits and crap like that.

Bah, that can wait for later.

Right now, a bonus to dex or str would give you a bonus to crits anyways.


Squash Monster said...

If I made an RPG, the body slots would be head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Man I gotta remember to add "Tinfoil Hats" to the Helmet list ahaha.

Squash Monster said...

Or, in tribute to George Carlin, armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah I was thinking about something like that but luckily the tin foil hat thing saved me from the trouble of trying to think up a "nice way" to say it ahaha.