Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sleep Laughing

Its pretty normal for me to wake myself up when a dream starts getting freaky (although I like the freaky ones with good special effects so I stick around for those heh).

Its pretty unusual for anything in a dream to make me laugh.

I'd say its more than rare, actually, I think its pretty damn close to "doesn't ever happen."

What's weird is that this is the second time in the last couple of weeks that I've actually woke myself up laughing.

Where I wake up and I'm smiling and laughing for real in the real world, like a "sleep laffer" or something ahaha.

The first time it was actually a joke in a dream that made me laugh (you had to be there heh), and then this time it was physical comedy, so its not even the same shit every time.

And its not something from my past, this is complex new junk that I ain't never heard before, stuff I don't feel like I made up, the same way you don't feel like you make up your own nightmares.

Y'know, its weird enough that there's a part of our brain that's separate from us, a part of our brain that likes to freak us out with nightmares when we're sleeping, but we get used to that.

But now I got this part of my brain doing stand-up comedy and trying to entertain me with three stooges jokes and stuff.

Not that I'm complaining, I mean, actually its kinda awesome to wake up laughing and happy like that.

Its just weird.

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