Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Book of Many Things

I'm adding the Encyclopedia to the game now.

Y'know, the Monster Manual, the thing that lets everybody add their own Monsters and Items to the game.

Items being armor, weapons, accessories, bags, and commodities at this point, the things that are randomly redistributed by the game (which leaves towns and buildings and vehicles out of it for now, 'cause those are mostly hardcoded and not received as loot and stuff, although vehicles might end up in there if I end up making them a little more complex).

Players will only be allowed to see the stuff that they've added to the game (and that'll let them check out how people have rated the stuff they've added), even if they have their own world (I might make something so that a guild or multiple people can work together on adding monsters and items though).

Actually the author id for all that stuff is that of their current character, and not the user, 'cause I don't want nobody to see each other's User Names, but I might wanna show the name of the author of a thing, for User Content Ratings contests or something, so I'm doing it all by character.

The reason players are limited like that (not allowed to browse the entire Encyclopedia) is because they're supposed to be sorta randomly browsing the Encyclopedia by playing the game, I don't want them ruining their appetites and stuff.

Real admins will be able to browse everything in the database, and even add new types of items (that's really why I'm building it right now), so they're the only folks that it will really look like an "encyclopedia" to, which makes "encyclopedia" a pretty stupid name for it *sighs*

As usual, if any of you guys got a better name for it, lemme know.

I dunno why I suck at names so bad, its like its some kinda metaphysical curse to make up fer all the other shit I can do or something heh.

Its kinda like that curse where all the movies you really want haven't ever been out on DVD and stuff ahaha.

Oh yah, eventually this'll be the same thingie that hosts the quest-maker and npc-maker and dungeon-maker and all that other kinda junk.

And even the world-settings stuff for player's that have their own worlds.

Ooh I could call it the Grimoire, a summoner's book, that's all fancy and stuff ahaha.


Jeffool said...

The Teras Tome?

The Ledger of Lusus Naturae?

The Script of Savages?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

I actually got pretty far along programming the thing yesterday, making an "add item" page that reconfigures itself with javascript depending on what basic categories and subcategories you picked from the drop-down boxes.

Y'know like Armor->Head Slot->Cowboy Hats and Weapons->2 Handed Melee Weapons->Chainsaws.

I petered out while trying to think of all the different kinds of trade goods I wanted and how I should categorize 'em.

And Containers are the fourth main category, besides Armor, Weapons,and Trade Goods, at least right now, and I hardly thought of anything for that at all.

But whatever, I got the basic template for the pages in the Monster Manual thingie ironed out, so now I just gotta edit it for the different kinds of uses it'll be put through and add all the basic category stuff for everything.

Oh, the "name of it" is still up in the air, I didn't mean to imply that that's settled, right now that's just a quick edit for the title of the thing in a couple places heh.