Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 13th Warrior

Alright I'm getting ready to do the User Generated Monster Manual and Items and Places type stuff now.

I gotta do another "version" of the database with more fields in the tables so I'm gonna add the stuff for all that crap and get it working (at the speed I go at it'll prolly be working sometime tomorrow, I'm actually kinda freaking myself out with how quick things are going but you know how that works with computer crap where you feel like you've spent thirty minutes but its actually been three hours, time works differently when you are under the microscope heh.

Anyways I was typing a lot of stuff here as I worked junk out but then I just deleted all that 'cause you don't need to read all that crap.

Here's the basic idea though, 'cause mebbe you'll have a better one.

All I'm gonna do is make all the Adding Monsters and Items crap work just like my player characters work right now, where you can add a URL to a picture of your guy that everyone can see, and a description.

And everything else (all the statistical and mechanical garbage) will be separated from that, generated by the system when it makes people fight the monster you made or distributes something you made as loot, and junk like that.

Oh and it'll keep track of the crap you added by character and not user (I don't like giving away everybody's user names that's stupid).

Hmm, mebbe I should set aside a 13th character slot for each user, something that they can't really play (or delete) who'd be the only guy that can access the "authoring" side of things, that way they can't mess crap up and delete the guy on accident or something and then screw up whatever the eventual rewards are for winning the User Rating Game.

That "13th Character" thingie just sounds cool so I guess I gotta use that for something ahaha.

Hmm, I dunno if its better to let folks add junk to the game as different characters or not, they might wanna organize the stuff they add that way, especially in a Time Travelling Parallel Universe game (ahaha), I just don't want a lot of stuff getting "orphaned."

Ah, I know how to do it, I just gotta let the monster have the id to the character who made it, 'cause that doesn't change even if you replace the guy with a new one, it'd just be assigned to the new character in that slot (there's no way to actually delete characters, you can only replace 'em with new ones).

Meh, sorry for talking your ear off but this is how I organize shit quick that hardly nobody would understand but me.

If it makes you feel any better this is the third time I've typed about this much and deleted it.

Yah there was a bunch of junk where I was all excited that players could add their own towns and places to the map in the game already too heh.

Oh yah, I didn't even talk about how you can add maps to the game as URLs already this time ahaha.

That's "okay" for overland maps but that'd suck for dungeons 'cause there's no way to do collision detection with something like that, and even for overland that's kinda lame 'cause there's no way to distinguish different types of terrain.

I haven't even gotten into all that stuff with the cartoons and animation and crap yet I'm still saving that for desert that's the fun kinda programming heh.

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